Thursday, September 09, 2010

Whatever Makes You Sleep At Night

Do you believe in "everything happens for a reason" or that "when it's really for you, the whole world conspires for you to have it"?

I hope it's true. And that it also works the other way. If it's really not for me, maybe the whole world will conspire for me not to get it. I might be a little vague in this. I apologize for nothing.

1. I became committed. You called me after Holy Week. I was really thinking of ditching them for you. They all pouted at me. That did the trick. Stuck with them. Bye, you.

2. We really just can't get a working schedule together, no? Seriously, we were cheating each other for the whole summer.

3. Considering number two, I went on. Got settled. Then you called me. I said STFU, no, I just asked why only now.

4. You came to me again. I responded. We talked. Not a match even though I really want you.

So what is it? We never got to come up with a common ground.

When will you know if it's just challenge or when it's really not meant to be?

Maybe not today. Not in this lifetime. I'll wait. We'll see.

MORAL: We feed ourselves with hopeful statements just whatever we want, that can make us sleep at night. We force ourselves these are truths. Just, whatever that make us sleep at night.

You know I've got to go. Lord, I wish it wasn't so.

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