Monday, September 06, 2010

White Beach - Puerto Galera, Mindoro

When you're studying, or part of an academic institution, storm signal number 2 is your best friend. Half-days or no classes. Suspension is not for rowdy students anymore. It also applies to classes. How fun. Well, when I was still in school I was not really fond of suspension of classes because it translates to no allowance. My dad became wiser and ditched the weekly allowance scheme back in high school because I won't return the "excess" allowance from suspended classes.

Where were we? Oh yeah, since there were no holidays for July and we just learned that August is going to have just one holiday, long weekends are becoming pretty rare these days. Prior to the announcement about the end of Ramadan, there were no holidays set for September and October. That means no long weekend for 2 whole months!
Aside from the no-holiday issue, June was the last time I went to a beach. Out of town trips that involve just passing by resorts or company-related offsites are not included. So what do we do? I was really determined to go out of town or pretty much anywhere else for the long weekend of August 28-30, 2010. Rain or shine, I told myself, I will go somewhere else. Yes, I am somewhat stubborn. Plan A still involves the beach trip and Plan B is praying that Plan A would still work. Oh, Plan C has museums on its list.

What were the usual reasons we got when we tried organizing trips back in college?
"I don't have the budget, I'm sorry!" - Grand Champion
"My parents didn't allow me, but I really want to go!" - 1st Runner-Up

Those are the top 2 suckiest, most overused reasons that are usually presented to organizers. However, being out of college and into the responsible world of adulthood (wth?!), can you think of any other excuses? Not so much. Except if the person doesn't really want to attend.
White Beach, Puerto Galera
Since I'm not into persuading people, I told those who wanted to come that I won't really care who would come with me, as long as I have 2 or 3 more people joining I'm really going for it. Puerto Galera has been a famous beach spot in the country. It's cheap and very accessible (bus + ferry only with hourly trips and no need for reservation!). Budget is not an issue here as my brother gave me contacts with pretty cheap accommodation. If you don't want to spend a lot, bring your own food! Transportation, accommodation, and water activities are the only things you want to think about. Yes, I brought noodles and food filled with preservatives. Don't judge. The budget problem? Solved.

If you're planning to go to Puerto Galera, be sure to drink a lot of Mindoro Slings, ride the banana boat, and go snorkeling. Also, don't forget to go tumbling in the sand. It's not everyday you could eat sand. Let's go, Mindoro!

MORAL: If not now, when? Excuses are for the weak. We are not weak! One place at a time. See the country.

Tanduay, the main star of the Mindoro Sling.

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