Saturday, November 27, 2010

T-Swizzling Manila

The power of teenagers, tweens, pre-teens, puberty kids, whatever you call the target market, the power is unbelievable. I don't know how they can exudate cold, hard cash for their vices. So when Taylor Swift had news of performing here in Manila, I think the population almost jumped at the same time and tried to put imbalance to the world. Then when the news about the supposed concert being a hoax surfaced, I heard a collective gasp around the metro. And thoughts of the Philippines being 3rd world started again, not solving anything at all like poverty.

Finally, when there were news again that Taylor Swift is having a concert here in the Philippines, the population all drank Red Bull, started curling their hair, and proved that we can bring top-selling artists in the not-so-third-world-Philippines. She's performing in Araneta Coliseum next year and the moment ticket selling started, I believe thousands of tweens cried to their parents or stole money from their older siblings to purchase tickets because on the 3rd day,the dead came to life certain sections were already sold out! Give in 2 more days after the "sold out" news spread like wildfire, the only remaining seats are for General Admission. Really, honey, kids have gone bonkers.

My friend and I think that maybe on January, kids are going to start lining up for the February concert already. It's okay to be there and bring binoculars than stay at home, coop-up and cry because you didn't get to see T-Swizzle swoosh her curly blonde hair in Manila.

MORAL: If the zombies are coming to eat you, run as fast as you can. Tickets are difficult to come by and usually, "in" artists are only going to visit the country once. No regrets, baby.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A long time ago, we used to be friends but I haven't thought of you lately at all.

If ever again, a greeting I send to you. Short and sweet to the soul I intend.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

San Juan Surf Resort - San Juan, La Union

October 23-25, 2010. Long weekend thanks to Barangay elections. :)

For the first time in so many months, I have tasted salty seawater again, have rolled over fine sand, fried myself under the sun, and have experienced another adventure in my life. La Union is "far north" for some people. If you're not that good in geography, I have posted here where La Union is and lodge it into your brain.
This is the Philippines. I know, we look kinda weird.
San Juan, La Union is famous for its consistent waves that lure all the hot surfer boys and girls from all over the world. There are a lot of foreigners there and because the shoreline is not that long, at peak seasons it could really get crowded. Newbies flock San Juan as well, because no, not because of Luke Landrigan you perv, but because of the availability of "surf schools" in the area. Yes, at peak seasons, you could easily kill someone or knock someone unconscious with your surfboard and drown yourself in the process. Thank God, I haven't hit anyone during my stay there. Definitely not a swimming beach, unless you have plans of floating aimlessly in the South China Sea. I say, better hold on tight.

San Juan telling you to look
out for this and get the hell
out of the bus immediately.
First things first, getting there is pretty easy. The place is very convenient because you just have to board a bus (just get there, no need to reserve beforehand) along Cubao like Partas Bus Station and with PHP 385 you could go all the way to the venue as long as you can endure an exciting 6-hour bus ride. You just have to be on the look out on your left side because it's really easy to miss the signage of San Juan Surf Resort. [If you have the time, you could go way up to Baguio as well.] For the ride home, just wait outside the resort! Go wave your hand when a bus that says Cubao passes by.

For accommodation, they got standard aircon rooms good for 2 people at PHP 1,500, good for 4 at PHP 1920, and also fan rooms good for 2 at PHP 890. Pretty much affordable and worth your money. Extra person PHP 200. All rooms come with free breakfast for 2. Mind you, the rooms are not as enchanting as the waves, because they were made just to hold your bags and your sun-baked tired body. Their cheese omelette is love.

Obviously the souvenirs here are expensive. Haha.

So what to do? The shoreline is pretty short, so there's not much room to go jog around. You could walk back and forth the beach in barefoot because there are very few rocks and stones in the area, which makes it good for doing gymnastics in the sand. There are also few stores and souvenir shops, but you could go to the town if you have ADHD and if the beach isn't enough for your entertainment. There are henna tattoo services, well, these are staples in beaches. Word of advice, have your henna after you get stoked if you don't want your tattoo still there even after the henna has been washed off. People watching is fun, especially because there are genuine surfer dudes and dudettes with their toned body and sun-kissed skin. When they swish their saltwater-soaked hair from left to right, it's going to be on slow motion and you'll be living a Teenage Dream. Hahaha.

If you don't like saltwater or if you like to party at night, this beach is not for you. The sand is very fine and fun to rub onto your skin if you love doing that kind of activity. You'll drown (or be drifted somewhere far) if you try to just float around, with the possibility of being hit by a newbie surfer. Surf lessons are PHP 200 per hour inclusive of the use of their rashguards. There are also surfboards available for rent at PHP 200/hr. Tip though, have someone ready to take a photo of you as you learn to surf. Moments like when  you can stand-up on your own and almost hit a kid waddling in the beach is priceless.

Surf Jedi Master and his Padawan.

MORAL: We make our own adventures, if we want something, then make sure as hell that you get it. Life's too short to sit idly by. Go get what you want. Hey, do take note that living for the moment doesn't mean you don't have to think of tomorrow. Living for the moment is not the same as living carelessly. There are, estimated risks.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Scott Pilgrim and the League of Evil Exes

I'm on a blogging backlog. I still haven't posted my entries for Bohol, Cebu, and La Union. I needed a distraction from depression so I double clicked on my copy of a movie can read about after this sentence.

Knives: I have never even kissed a guy...
Scott: Hey... Me neither.

The movie's based on a comic book.
Scott Pilgrim vs the World is a stupid movie awesomely done. Nonetheless, really stupid. I never became a Michael Cera fan and the only reason I'm watching the movie is because of Anna Kendrick's wit, Mary Elizabeth Winstead's pretty face, and Brie Larson's voice. Not to mention that the exes are the bomb! Chris Evans, Brandon Routh, and Jason Schwartzman. Fall in ♥. (Did you just read that as "fall in heart"?)

"You're vegan? Anybody can be vegan."
"Lacto-ovo maybe, but not vegan." --> Brandon Routh is totally correct about this.

There's a freaking Vegan Academy and Vegan Police. And you can be psychic from being vegan because of all the whey. :|

"You were once a vegone, now you'll be gone!" is probably the worst line ever (till I watched through the rest of the movie). -.-

Or maybe I just think I dislike this movie because of Michael Cera? And there is no blooooood!!! Action without blood is pretty lame-o but in this movie it's cool-o. Now that last sentence is really lame.

"I was just bi-curious."
"And now I'm bi-furious! Back-off hasbian!"

Scott Pilgrim vs the World is actually a very nice stupid movie. The effects are great, the music is amazing, the fight scenes are spectacular, the story is stupid, the actors are wonderful, and I am still not a fan of Michael Cera. Considering I watched the movie at 1am and my self-diagnosed ADHD didn't kick in, then it must be a pretty darn good movie!

MORAL: If it's possible to love and hate something/someone at the same time, this is it. And yes, you can download it already. By now I think you have realized this post is totally word vomit, right? Yeah.

I told you, Mary Elizabeth Winstead's in it. ♥ I think there's someone else in this picture. Oh yeah, that's Michael Cera, I think.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Attack

When we were five, things were easier. Life was easier.

It's all about the games you play, if your favorite snack will be served tomorrow, or if Sesame Street, Blink, Bananas in Pajamas are playing. School's easy, learning is fun. No pressure to ace exams or get the top spot in the honor roll. You don't ask about your existence, you ask about Sunshine, your pet dog.

With things as black or white, it's clear who's on your side. If your friends like you, or not. Backbiting is not common, since kids tell it to each other's faces if they like you or not. Straight "You always take too much bathroom break," with a lot of unintentional face-spitting, "You're too slow when we play." They tell you smack in the face your faults or quirks, they don't go spreading around how irresponsible you are or how immature you can be. If they do tell other people things about you, you probably know about it as well.

And when you try to look back, your only regret was when you accidentally snapped-off the head of your Barbie doll. The world is flat when you are five. People just jump off the edge and fall into nothingness.

MORAL: Things get more complex as we grow older. We learn to develop and nurture relationships, considering others aside from us. There are no more black and whites, there are shades of gray. And sometimes, this gray matter break people.

True friends are difficult to find nowadays. Age doesn't always come with wisdom.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When We Find Each Other, It's Beautiful

I do my thing and you do your thing.
I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it's beautiful.

If not, it can't be helped.

When Blondes Sing

I know. I've been posting a lot of YouTube videos here. It's my music player nowadays. Here's another one for everyone. Teehee.

I've been listening to Ellie Goulding since I was hooked up with her song, "The Writer." Then I opened a fortune cookie and found the song "Everywhere I Go" by Lissie. The power of YouTube gave me their duet of it. The song has been played in some of my favorite tv series, Dollhouse and Grey's Anatomy. So that's why it's familiar! Like the "have we met before?" feeling. It’s been on loop ever since.

Watching through the video again and again I can't seem to shake something off my head. Their hair. Their wavy blonde hair. Their hair that's been floating around in the office, at home, in the bathroom. I know their voices are to die for but this one little pesky thought keeps on asking me why Lissie's hair looks all greased up and this is pretty much consistent in her other videos. Maybe she does that on purpose, the no-bath-for-days look to support her folk rock scene. Meanwhile, Ellie Goulding really has a mean part - see how her hair is all combed up to the other side? That's how Moses parted the Red Sea.

In all the musical notes in the world, I am a fan of these girls. I just thought Ellie Goulding reminds me of (God bless her soul) Nicole Vaidisova, my fallen tennis star who went to the dark side of the underwater world. [In case you want to read about her, you could search my blog for it. You have been warned.]

MORAL: Once you start rocking the airwaves, people are going to look you up (aside from looking up to you). There are a lot of physiognomists out there, yes, we can't deny that. Yet even how much you look, judgmental state of people aside, beautiful music can top it all. No doubt about that.

Monday, November 08, 2010

MTV EMA 2010

MTV EMAs is at Madrid, Spain for this year with Eva Longoria-Parker as the host.

Shakira is still the poster girl for physical fitness. Ate, tataba at magkakaroon ka rin ng bilbil. Haha.
Rihanna can sing and perform.
Katy Perry can't sing live, but she can bring it and perform!
Ke$ha with the real dollar sign can sing-talk or read aloud, honey, I really can't tell the difference.
Hayley Williams, Y U HAVE UGLY HAIR NOW?!

For list of winners click this.

Good list of performers. MTV EMA 2010 owned it!

MORAL: There is good music. Just own the night. You don't have to feel like a waste of space, 'cause baby you're a firework. :)

Amazing Teenage Dream

When I saw Boyce Avenue's album before, I checked the track list at the back and didn't recognize any of the songs. After a couple of weeks I saw an album compilation of their acoustic covers and mash-ups. I purchased the CD and told my sister I'll give it to her as her birthday gift. Of course I just used her birthday as an excuse, I've been a Boyce Avenue fan since they started singing. That doesn't make me a stalker nor a fan girl but these guys are certified crooners. Their covers of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream and Bruno Mars's Just The Way You Are are to die for. Guess who's in love at 2:30am.

My heart stops when you look at me.
And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while.

Your eyes make the stars look like they're not shining.
I finally found you, my missing puzzle piece. I'm complete.

MORAL: I think you're funny when you tell the punch line wrong. My teenage dream, you're amazing just the way you are.

And you don't need me to tell you that.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Sinong Bobong?

Natatanaw ko ang blog ko. Iyon pa rin ang huling nakasulat. Tungkol pa rin sa Ayala Museum na parang kay tagal-tagal ko nang napuntahan. Nag-iisip ako, nagtatanong, bakit wala akong maisulat sa dinami-dami ng puwedeng magawan ng entry?

Kumatok ang ideya.... Nasaraduhan ko yata. Sa totoo lang, wala akong maisip na paksa. Wala paring tumatama sa akin hanggang ngayon na ginusto kong isulat. Total ito rin naman ang kasalukuyang binabasa ko, bakit hindi nalang tungkol kay Bob Ong?

Si Bob Ong.
Si Bob Ong na dahilan ng lahat ng ito.
Si Bob Ong na lagi akong tinatanong kung kamag-anak ko ba.
Si Bob Ong na palaisipan sa lahat kung sino talaga.
Si Bob Ong.
Oo, si Bob Ong.

Masaya, madali, masarap, parang chicharon. Ganyan ang pakiramdam kapag binuklat na ang libro ni Bob Ong at sinimulang basahin. Nahilig lang ako magbasa ng mga libro nang sunud-sunod gaya ng pagkain ng cornick noong nahawakan ko ang mga libro ni Bob Ong. Dahil BBO (counterpart ng BC or Before Christ, Before Bob Ong), hindi ako "consistent" magbasa. Puro textbook, magazines na wholesome, at dyaryo (hindi tabloid) ang idinuduldol ko sa mukha ko.

Iniba ni Bob Ong, naging kaaya-aya ang pagbabasa sa akin, kahit anong klaseng libro ay pinapatulan ko, may magpahiram lang or kung ano makita ko sa bookstore. Pero noong nauso na ang e-books, aha! Nakadikit na sa screen ng computer ang mata ko.

Pero ngayon, hindi ko alam kung nagbago ba ako o hindi, napansin ko lang na medyo pinipilit na lang ang mga bagay-bagay na maging nakatatawa at pati yung mga salita na madali naman sana i-type, gaya ng "siya" at "niya" na sa libro niyang Kapitan Sino ay nailathala nang "nya" at "sya". Kawawa naman ang titik I. Walang masamang nagawa ngunit nakalimutan. Sayang.

Sa pagbabasa, minsan nasasambit ko na lang, parang retarded lang eh noh, "Ah, dapat yata funny itong part na ito." Hindi na muna ako magco-comment kung ano meron sa Kapitan Sino, dahil sa pangangalahati ko sa libro, mukhang okay naman. Nakaayos pa nga sa bookshelf namin sa bahay ang mga libro ko ni Bob Ong. Naaalala ko dati na lagi akong hinihiraman ng "Bob Ong books" noon, pero hindi ko parin minarkahan ang "Bob Ong books" ko ng pangalan ko.

ARAL: Wala paring makatatalo sa pakiramdam ng pagbabasa, sa pagtingin sa mga salita sa libro, sa paglipat ng mga pahina, at lalo na sa paggalaw ng mga tauhan sa utak mo. Gamit na gamit ang imahinasyon mo at mas mabuti pa ito kaysa sa droga. (Wala akong sinabing nakasubok na ako ah.)