Friday, November 12, 2010

The Attack

When we were five, things were easier. Life was easier.

It's all about the games you play, if your favorite snack will be served tomorrow, or if Sesame Street, Blink, Bananas in Pajamas are playing. School's easy, learning is fun. No pressure to ace exams or get the top spot in the honor roll. You don't ask about your existence, you ask about Sunshine, your pet dog.

With things as black or white, it's clear who's on your side. If your friends like you, or not. Backbiting is not common, since kids tell it to each other's faces if they like you or not. Straight "You always take too much bathroom break," with a lot of unintentional face-spitting, "You're too slow when we play." They tell you smack in the face your faults or quirks, they don't go spreading around how irresponsible you are or how immature you can be. If they do tell other people things about you, you probably know about it as well.

And when you try to look back, your only regret was when you accidentally snapped-off the head of your Barbie doll. The world is flat when you are five. People just jump off the edge and fall into nothingness.

MORAL: Things get more complex as we grow older. We learn to develop and nurture relationships, considering others aside from us. There are no more black and whites, there are shades of gray. And sometimes, this gray matter break people.

True friends are difficult to find nowadays. Age doesn't always come with wisdom.

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