Wednesday, November 17, 2010

San Juan Surf Resort - San Juan, La Union

October 23-25, 2010. Long weekend thanks to Barangay elections. :)

For the first time in so many months, I have tasted salty seawater again, have rolled over fine sand, fried myself under the sun, and have experienced another adventure in my life. La Union is "far north" for some people. If you're not that good in geography, I have posted here where La Union is and lodge it into your brain.
This is the Philippines. I know, we look kinda weird.
San Juan, La Union is famous for its consistent waves that lure all the hot surfer boys and girls from all over the world. There are a lot of foreigners there and because the shoreline is not that long, at peak seasons it could really get crowded. Newbies flock San Juan as well, because no, not because of Luke Landrigan you perv, but because of the availability of "surf schools" in the area. Yes, at peak seasons, you could easily kill someone or knock someone unconscious with your surfboard and drown yourself in the process. Thank God, I haven't hit anyone during my stay there. Definitely not a swimming beach, unless you have plans of floating aimlessly in the South China Sea. I say, better hold on tight.

San Juan telling you to look
out for this and get the hell
out of the bus immediately.
First things first, getting there is pretty easy. The place is very convenient because you just have to board a bus (just get there, no need to reserve beforehand) along Cubao like Partas Bus Station and with PHP 385 you could go all the way to the venue as long as you can endure an exciting 6-hour bus ride. You just have to be on the look out on your left side because it's really easy to miss the signage of San Juan Surf Resort. [If you have the time, you could go way up to Baguio as well.] For the ride home, just wait outside the resort! Go wave your hand when a bus that says Cubao passes by.

For accommodation, they got standard aircon rooms good for 2 people at PHP 1,500, good for 4 at PHP 1920, and also fan rooms good for 2 at PHP 890. Pretty much affordable and worth your money. Extra person PHP 200. All rooms come with free breakfast for 2. Mind you, the rooms are not as enchanting as the waves, because they were made just to hold your bags and your sun-baked tired body. Their cheese omelette is love.

Obviously the souvenirs here are expensive. Haha.

So what to do? The shoreline is pretty short, so there's not much room to go jog around. You could walk back and forth the beach in barefoot because there are very few rocks and stones in the area, which makes it good for doing gymnastics in the sand. There are also few stores and souvenir shops, but you could go to the town if you have ADHD and if the beach isn't enough for your entertainment. There are henna tattoo services, well, these are staples in beaches. Word of advice, have your henna after you get stoked if you don't want your tattoo still there even after the henna has been washed off. People watching is fun, especially because there are genuine surfer dudes and dudettes with their toned body and sun-kissed skin. When they swish their saltwater-soaked hair from left to right, it's going to be on slow motion and you'll be living a Teenage Dream. Hahaha.

If you don't like saltwater or if you like to party at night, this beach is not for you. The sand is very fine and fun to rub onto your skin if you love doing that kind of activity. You'll drown (or be drifted somewhere far) if you try to just float around, with the possibility of being hit by a newbie surfer. Surf lessons are PHP 200 per hour inclusive of the use of their rashguards. There are also surfboards available for rent at PHP 200/hr. Tip though, have someone ready to take a photo of you as you learn to surf. Moments like when  you can stand-up on your own and almost hit a kid waddling in the beach is priceless.

Surf Jedi Master and his Padawan.

MORAL: We make our own adventures, if we want something, then make sure as hell that you get it. Life's too short to sit idly by. Go get what you want. Hey, do take note that living for the moment doesn't mean you don't have to think of tomorrow. Living for the moment is not the same as living carelessly. There are, estimated risks.

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