Monday, November 15, 2010

Scott Pilgrim and the League of Evil Exes

I'm on a blogging backlog. I still haven't posted my entries for Bohol, Cebu, and La Union. I needed a distraction from depression so I double clicked on my copy of a movie can read about after this sentence.

Knives: I have never even kissed a guy...
Scott: Hey... Me neither.

The movie's based on a comic book.
Scott Pilgrim vs the World is a stupid movie awesomely done. Nonetheless, really stupid. I never became a Michael Cera fan and the only reason I'm watching the movie is because of Anna Kendrick's wit, Mary Elizabeth Winstead's pretty face, and Brie Larson's voice. Not to mention that the exes are the bomb! Chris Evans, Brandon Routh, and Jason Schwartzman. Fall in ♥. (Did you just read that as "fall in heart"?)

"You're vegan? Anybody can be vegan."
"Lacto-ovo maybe, but not vegan." --> Brandon Routh is totally correct about this.

There's a freaking Vegan Academy and Vegan Police. And you can be psychic from being vegan because of all the whey. :|

"You were once a vegone, now you'll be gone!" is probably the worst line ever (till I watched through the rest of the movie). -.-

Or maybe I just think I dislike this movie because of Michael Cera? And there is no blooooood!!! Action without blood is pretty lame-o but in this movie it's cool-o. Now that last sentence is really lame.

"I was just bi-curious."
"And now I'm bi-furious! Back-off hasbian!"

Scott Pilgrim vs the World is actually a very nice stupid movie. The effects are great, the music is amazing, the fight scenes are spectacular, the story is stupid, the actors are wonderful, and I am still not a fan of Michael Cera. Considering I watched the movie at 1am and my self-diagnosed ADHD didn't kick in, then it must be a pretty darn good movie!

MORAL: If it's possible to love and hate something/someone at the same time, this is it. And yes, you can download it already. By now I think you have realized this post is totally word vomit, right? Yeah.

I told you, Mary Elizabeth Winstead's in it. ♥ I think there's someone else in this picture. Oh yeah, that's Michael Cera, I think.

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