Saturday, November 27, 2010

T-Swizzling Manila

The power of teenagers, tweens, pre-teens, puberty kids, whatever you call the target market, the power is unbelievable. I don't know how they can exudate cold, hard cash for their vices. So when Taylor Swift had news of performing here in Manila, I think the population almost jumped at the same time and tried to put imbalance to the world. Then when the news about the supposed concert being a hoax surfaced, I heard a collective gasp around the metro. And thoughts of the Philippines being 3rd world started again, not solving anything at all like poverty.

Finally, when there were news again that Taylor Swift is having a concert here in the Philippines, the population all drank Red Bull, started curling their hair, and proved that we can bring top-selling artists in the not-so-third-world-Philippines. She's performing in Araneta Coliseum next year and the moment ticket selling started, I believe thousands of tweens cried to their parents or stole money from their older siblings to purchase tickets because on the 3rd day,the dead came to life certain sections were already sold out! Give in 2 more days after the "sold out" news spread like wildfire, the only remaining seats are for General Admission. Really, honey, kids have gone bonkers.

My friend and I think that maybe on January, kids are going to start lining up for the February concert already. It's okay to be there and bring binoculars than stay at home, coop-up and cry because you didn't get to see T-Swizzle swoosh her curly blonde hair in Manila.

MORAL: If the zombies are coming to eat you, run as fast as you can. Tickets are difficult to come by and usually, "in" artists are only going to visit the country once. No regrets, baby.


Apple said...

I have a violent reaction. WHY?!? hahahah

rO.ot said...

Why for which part? Haha. Why that it's sold out already? Or why did I buy? :>