Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When Blondes Sing

I know. I've been posting a lot of YouTube videos here. It's my music player nowadays. Here's another one for everyone. Teehee.

I've been listening to Ellie Goulding since I was hooked up with her song, "The Writer." Then I opened a fortune cookie and found the song "Everywhere I Go" by Lissie. The power of YouTube gave me their duet of it. The song has been played in some of my favorite tv series, Dollhouse and Grey's Anatomy. So that's why it's familiar! Like the "have we met before?" feeling. It’s been on loop ever since.

Watching through the video again and again I can't seem to shake something off my head. Their hair. Their wavy blonde hair. Their hair that's been floating around in the office, at home, in the bathroom. I know their voices are to die for but this one little pesky thought keeps on asking me why Lissie's hair looks all greased up and this is pretty much consistent in her other videos. Maybe she does that on purpose, the no-bath-for-days look to support her folk rock scene. Meanwhile, Ellie Goulding really has a mean part - see how her hair is all combed up to the other side? That's how Moses parted the Red Sea.

In all the musical notes in the world, I am a fan of these girls. I just thought Ellie Goulding reminds me of (God bless her soul) Nicole Vaidisova, my fallen tennis star who went to the dark side of the underwater world. [In case you want to read about her, you could search my blog for it. You have been warned.]

MORAL: Once you start rocking the airwaves, people are going to look you up (aside from looking up to you). There are a lot of physiognomists out there, yes, we can't deny that. Yet even how much you look, judgmental state of people aside, beautiful music can top it all. No doubt about that.

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