Friday, December 31, 2010

Everyday I see the news, all the problems that we could solve.

Tell me what you want to hear, something that were like those years. I'm sick of all the insincere, so I'm gonna give all my secrets away.

This time, don't need another perfect line. Don't care if critics ever jump in line. I'm gonna give all my secrets away.

Don't let me disappear. I'm gonna tell you everything. Tell me what you want to hear.

I mean this.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Shutdown Habit

For the whole Christmas break (yes, I have a Christmas break just like in high school and college) I have been sleeping from 5am-3pm regularly. 5am-3pm is not my work shift, it's the time I drop unconscious on the bed and drag myself up in the morning afternoon. Our house-help has been very diligent on reminding me that my eyebags are bigger and darker than the Longchamps. She tells me I'll be welcoming the New Year with two malletas in my eyes. How can I tell her that I prefer the midnight calmness, the silence accompanied by the sound of the water in the aquarium, and no one telling me to do this or that? We always get visitors in daylight, the television is always on, the dog always barks (because of the said visitors that are mind you, visible, so don't start with those ghost stories and sixth sense), and the phone doesn't stop ringing. It's like a corporate jungle here. How about the room? My brother works with a European shift, so no, the room is not safe.

I prefer it that way, sleeping at 5am or 6am depending on when I get light-headed. That's why I'm one of those nocturnal people. And oh, bright lights blind me. These wee hours are my best friends. Gives me time to think (not go emo-bashing) and time to read.

MORAL: There is peace in being alone. Solitude. We do not need to live and breathe on the daily hustle and bustle of people. Why are we so afraid of silence? It is not the end of a conversation, it's being comfortable when no words are necessary. It doesn't mean the end of a party, it's a time we bask in each other's presence, accepting that other people being there is enough for one to go on living.

DJ Earworm - United State of Pop 2010 (Don't Stop the Pop)

Here we go again. DJ Earworm's annual ADHD mix that would get you pumped up whatever you are doing the time you pressed play. What's interesting is not just the music itself, also the way he mashed-up the music videos of the different songs. Pretty impressive, right? I know. That's why he's here.

MORAL: If it's on the list, DJ Earworm will make something out of it.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Tuesday can easily be forgotten. I know this day will just pass by the moment I woke up. Mixed feelings of dread (that vacation is going to be over real soon) and excitement (of the promise of a new beginning) are filling me to the brim.

I went out of the house and saw something: the stars are different tonight. They twinkle like it's the last time they'll do so. It's fascinating. I thought it's just one star because my sight was transfixed to it but as I scanned the nightsky, I saw all the stars sparkling tonight. I stood outside for some time, paralyzed, struck in awe.

MORAL: Down and blue, the heavens conspired to make things better for us.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Black Swan

Natalie Portman and choreographer Benjamin Millepied are engaged and expecting their first child, her reps confirm to PEOPLE exclusively. 

The couple met during the production of Black Swan. Portman's performance in the film has earned her nominations for a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award. 

The actress, 29, will next be seen in the romantic comedy, No Strings Attached, costarringAshton Kutcher. 

This will be the first child for the actress who is due in 2011. 

Fudge. I have built magical worlds and castles around the idea and name of Natalie Portman. How can this happen? The perfect person. So what if I downloaded most of her movies off the Internet? I had a Natalie Portman phase! I drowned myself in tea and finished a book because of this. It's like Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens all over again. The "What?! The?! Heck?!" effect, just like when Paramore butchered the Farro brothers. I know that issue is controversial and still hot in the music world but hey, they let that happen and it's inevitable. Still, What The Heck?! December 2010 is pretty much banged up. And we're just a week away from the New Year. Might as well busy myself with other things. Other things include reading and finally deciding to start planning the next year, not to mention binge eating. So far the only thing I have told myself, "There is such a thing as comb. I must stop finger-combing my hair all the time." See? I'm messed up. Even my fonts are inconsistent. I'll probably watch "The Black Swan" half-choking on water or whatever I would be drinking.

MORAL: And in those two seconds, you knew a lot more than what they do.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Yellow Tea Submarine

Coffee has been the go-to drink when one's bored or just want to chill out. No, you don't drink alcohol just because you want to or you feel like no one loves you. If you're drinking alcohol alone, that's sad! You better look for a drinking buddy (me! me!). Either that or you might have a drinking problem already. Alcoholics Anonymous sounds familiar? Bing it!

I'm straying from the topic again. I've been drinking tea since forever, milk teas included and their additional sugar and "pearls". For quite some time, I've been brewing tea good enough for 3-4 people using our percolator. I put spoonfuls of green tea leaves into the percolator and wait till it boils and change color. I end up drinking/finishing the contents of the percolator resulting into a sleepless night.

A regular solo tea party. Sad I know. But that's about to change! How? Read on!

Chopper, my teammate/friend/officemate/whatever gave me this awesome Tea Submarine for Christmas, just because I think she found it cute or whatever. And here I thought she would give me tofu for Christmas. Nonetheless, it's a great device! Stuff some tea leaves inside the submarine and use it like a teabag! Dip it into the hot water then watch and listen as the bubbles come up. Heehee. Cool shizzles.

Watching water turn to tea has never been this fun for a kid like me. See the color come out from the small holes and you just got to have self-control. You might have a really strong tea in the end.

Tea infuser! It's a more exciting, fun version of a tea bag. Haha.

MORAL: TeaSub, for the perfect tea experience. The TeaSub submerges tea leaves to the bottom of your cup creating the perfect infusion of your favourite brew. These exact words are the ones written at the side of the box. So I'm not really marketing it to you, okay?

I had to stop dipping it. Or else my green tea would taste like ampalaya already. @__@

Monday, December 20, 2010

Intergalactic Space Lava

This was hand-written in my notebook and the title is not related to anything, just something I heard from the movie that was playing the time I was mindlessly writing things off. I better just take a photo of the page and post it. Hmm... Yeah, that's better.

Dec. 19, 2010          12:39 AM

I jumped off from our couch, suddenly having a sense of urgency. I've got to fix my presents. A couple of moments wherein people are talking to me, all I can think of is what to give to whom. And now, I washed my face and whipped out my list - an Excel spreadsheet in my phone. Right now, I'm writing this list on my other-company notebook and will transfer my digital list and put it into writing. *leaves to start writing*

Oh, after 2 hours (time check 2:30 AM) of distraction, eating, writing, and planning, I have a few accounts receivable, nothing to wear in our team's party, and I totally just watched my money go to others. How to welcome Dec. 19? I watched Devil (good enough!) and the 6th episode of The Walking Dead. I still lack a couple of presents, and I know I can't finish Ramona and Beezus today. Why hello there, Sherlock Holmes! I could do some reading today! finished Ramona and Beezus and dropped the idea of reading a book.

MORAL: Writing feels good. Typing feels dehumanizing at times.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

You gave me love for pain, now you're much more than a stranger.
I wanna give you love but all I have is rain.

Ang lahat ng ito ay walang saysay kung hindi rin lang ikaw ang dahilan.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Squirrel Got Too Much Tea To Drink

WARNING: This is an entry full of totally unrelated sentences stitched together to look like there are paragraphs of meaningful pocketfull of sunshine. This is the epitome of squirrel moment(s).

This is one of those instances when I drink too much green tea and totally forget it also has caffeine. See, I brewed my tea (YES I DO! It's really easy you know.) and while catching up with my series in this order - Nikita, Glee, The Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy - I was drinking tea. By the time I was watching The Vampire Diaries, the percolator was dry. I drank everything. And at 3AM I still feel like it's 9PM. My dad noticed my ADHD because he was eating when I plugged in my flashdisk to the player. He enjoys Nikita because of Maggie Q and duhr, it's an action-packed series with loads of testosterone! Then next played Glee which he also enjoys because he always says how Charice (Pempengco, yo!) is so much better than Rachel Berry. After Glee, The Vampire Diaries played and it was only then that he noticed his kid has ADHD, "Bakit iba na naman?!" Oh, forgot to mention about my ninja scene! I was sitting duck, when a FLIPIS (a flying ipis/cockroach) came from behind and I jumped sideways with a shout, "FLIPIS!" Yes, I really said the word, not like it'll help me at all. I left before Grey's Anatomy reached the 1-minute mark. No area is safe when there's a lurking cockroach around. @.@

I've already put my hiking bag's rain cover back after being washed by Belly. Thanks, Belle, for always cleaning my stuff. Heehee. Speaking of which I haven't even written about my Mt. Pulag experience. Have I ever claimed how much I love the smell of fresh laundry? I would like to thank Cindy for bringing me a new bag from Vietnam. Now I have a bag that is smaller than my trek bag and can serve as a casual bag or even an overnight bag. Why did I type that? Beats me.

I want to join the EcoRun2010! Also, I want a Birthday Run! The only race/run scheduled so far on my birthday is a couple/tandem one. GREAT!!! I still feel awful about what happened last Thursday. When you don't know what happened and it's pinned on you indirectly, that's bad. It's eating me inside, just like ulcer. Of course I'm just kidding but hey. [I'll probably write about it next time.]

Oh I haven't explained the squirrel moment thing. Remember in the Pixar movie "Up" there's the speaking dog aptly named Doug? He starts to talk about something then stops smack in the middle, "Squirrel!" That's my attention span.

MORAL: You just have to understand yourself and know which factors can bring out some weird things in you. Yes, like how green tea's making me type like a madman, blurt out "WTF" things (ask Stacy), and others (ask Ryan). I deleted a couple of sentences because I can't remember what I was supposed to type there. I have only typed "Then" and then.... I searched for the Squirrel Clip, chatted with Ryan, and totally forgot about what comes after "Then". Lame-oh. No, I'm not doing push-ups to be able to sleep just yet... because it's raining outside.