Monday, December 20, 2010

Intergalactic Space Lava

This was hand-written in my notebook and the title is not related to anything, just something I heard from the movie that was playing the time I was mindlessly writing things off. I better just take a photo of the page and post it. Hmm... Yeah, that's better.

Dec. 19, 2010          12:39 AM

I jumped off from our couch, suddenly having a sense of urgency. I've got to fix my presents. A couple of moments wherein people are talking to me, all I can think of is what to give to whom. And now, I washed my face and whipped out my list - an Excel spreadsheet in my phone. Right now, I'm writing this list on my other-company notebook and will transfer my digital list and put it into writing. *leaves to start writing*

Oh, after 2 hours (time check 2:30 AM) of distraction, eating, writing, and planning, I have a few accounts receivable, nothing to wear in our team's party, and I totally just watched my money go to others. How to welcome Dec. 19? I watched Devil (good enough!) and the 6th episode of The Walking Dead. I still lack a couple of presents, and I know I can't finish Ramona and Beezus today. Why hello there, Sherlock Holmes! I could do some reading today! finished Ramona and Beezus and dropped the idea of reading a book.

MORAL: Writing feels good. Typing feels dehumanizing at times.

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