Monday, December 27, 2010

Yellow Tea Submarine

Coffee has been the go-to drink when one's bored or just want to chill out. No, you don't drink alcohol just because you want to or you feel like no one loves you. If you're drinking alcohol alone, that's sad! You better look for a drinking buddy (me! me!). Either that or you might have a drinking problem already. Alcoholics Anonymous sounds familiar? Bing it!

I'm straying from the topic again. I've been drinking tea since forever, milk teas included and their additional sugar and "pearls". For quite some time, I've been brewing tea good enough for 3-4 people using our percolator. I put spoonfuls of green tea leaves into the percolator and wait till it boils and change color. I end up drinking/finishing the contents of the percolator resulting into a sleepless night.

A regular solo tea party. Sad I know. But that's about to change! How? Read on!

Chopper, my teammate/friend/officemate/whatever gave me this awesome Tea Submarine for Christmas, just because I think she found it cute or whatever. And here I thought she would give me tofu for Christmas. Nonetheless, it's a great device! Stuff some tea leaves inside the submarine and use it like a teabag! Dip it into the hot water then watch and listen as the bubbles come up. Heehee. Cool shizzles.

Watching water turn to tea has never been this fun for a kid like me. See the color come out from the small holes and you just got to have self-control. You might have a really strong tea in the end.

Tea infuser! It's a more exciting, fun version of a tea bag. Haha.

MORAL: TeaSub, for the perfect tea experience. The TeaSub submerges tea leaves to the bottom of your cup creating the perfect infusion of your favourite brew. These exact words are the ones written at the side of the box. So I'm not really marketing it to you, okay?

I had to stop dipping it. Or else my green tea would taste like ampalaya already. @__@

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