Monday, January 31, 2011

Just Two Articles

Drafted last January 14, 2011. I don't know why I don't post/finish things anymore. 

I stumbled upon two articles today, well it's 3:28am and after finishing work, I can reward myself some reading (book-reading is on hiatus), even though I must be sleeping at this time unless I want to experience my ultimate eye/headache again.

1. Tech Detox
For the Lenten Season, what are you going to give-up? Meat, social networking, Internet, coffee, chocolates, and shopping have topped my friends' list. How about technological fasting?

I've never really been fond of listening to an mp3 player when I'm with someone, nor texting when there are people around (although lately I've been doing this a lot). For me it shows that you're not interested to talk, not trying to talk, or even receive any interaction from the people or person you are with. Texting could mean that "my cellphone is far more entertaining than your company" unless you really want to give that vibes to others.
10 Signs Your Devices Are Hurting Your Relationships:
1. You can't get through a meal without emailing, texting or talking on the phone.
2. You look at more than one screen at a time, checking email while watching television, for example.
3. You regularly email or text, other than for something urgent, while your partner or another family member is with you.
4. You sleep with your phone near you, and you check your email or texts while in bed.
5. You log onto your computer while in bed.
6. You have had an argument with a loved one about your use of technology.
7. You text or email while driving.
8. You no longer go outside for fun.
9. You never turn off your phone.
10. When you spend time with your family -- a meal, a drive, hanging out -- each person is looking at a different screen.
The article says that technology is a distraction from family - and hard to resist because it's portable and provides instant gratification. It's also an easy escape if we're having trouble in a relationship.

I just don't get detox if you have plans on going back again. It could be a start for others. For a change.

2. Why Chinese Mothers are Superior

This article is perfect for those who think that their parents are pushing them to the ends of the pirate's plank. Don't jump-in to the sea just yet. I don't have a Chinese mother so don't suggest that I posted the article because I am Chinese in whatever way you could think of.

MORAL: No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to your self-chosen ignorance.

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