Monday, January 03, 2011

Refresh Year

365 days is too long to be happy all throughout. So it's better to say Survive the New Year! Or better yet, Have A God Year! Time to put a higher being in the center of our lives.

Writing is therapeutic. Paper is back. Well, it still is the chosen weapon by grade schoolers and hormone-filled high schoolers. I'm referring to pen and paper.

Maybe it's time to go back to the writing. Pretty soon, everything may well be up in the clouds (search about cloud computing as a start) and all you have are your little notebooks you thought your dog buried at your backyard.

“I never travel without my diary,” wrote Oscar Wilde. “One should always have something sensational to read on the train.” This piece of advice changed my attitude towards journal-writing completely. If you had a boring, uneventful day, why bore yourself all over again by recounting it in your diary? [....]
People, you have to be considerate. You can’t just think about yourselves—think about the people who might read your diary. Your nosy boyfriend or girlfriend, your mother (Aaaaaaaaaaaaa), the servants, colleagues who hate you. Do you want to confirm their suspicion that you are slowly but surely expiring from ennui? You have a blog/facebook account for that; your secret personal diary is another matter. Give them something to make their eyes pop out of the backs of their heads.
- Jessica Zafra 
Yes, who needs a blow-by-blow account of how you managed to light up a firework, with it shooting upwards, then exploding to a magnificent array of colored lights and emitting a wonderful smoke. No one wants to read about your long wait at Starbucks' line and how you noticed that the woman in front of you didn't think of what she wants to order until the time she was asked, thus, extending the waiting time. Who wants/needs to know about that except your stalker, maybe?

MORAL: A new year means turning a new leaf for most of us. It might not be as significant to others but to those who want to move on, need a breakthrough, desire more, the new year is the perfect chance. It fills us with hope and that feeling of starting anew.

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