Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Shutdown Habit

For the whole Christmas break (yes, I have a Christmas break just like in high school and college) I have been sleeping from 5am-3pm regularly. 5am-3pm is not my work shift, it's the time I drop unconscious on the bed and drag myself up in the morning afternoon. Our house-help has been very diligent on reminding me that my eyebags are bigger and darker than the Longchamps. She tells me I'll be welcoming the New Year with two malletas in my eyes. How can I tell her that I prefer the midnight calmness, the silence accompanied by the sound of the water in the aquarium, and no one telling me to do this or that? We always get visitors in daylight, the television is always on, the dog always barks (because of the said visitors that are mind you, visible, so don't start with those ghost stories and sixth sense), and the phone doesn't stop ringing. It's like a corporate jungle here. How about the room? My brother works with a European shift, so no, the room is not safe.

I prefer it that way, sleeping at 5am or 6am depending on when I get light-headed. That's why I'm one of those nocturnal people. And oh, bright lights blind me. These wee hours are my best friends. Gives me time to think (not go emo-bashing) and time to read.

MORAL: There is peace in being alone. Solitude. We do not need to live and breathe on the daily hustle and bustle of people. Why are we so afraid of silence? It is not the end of a conversation, it's being comfortable when no words are necessary. It doesn't mean the end of a party, it's a time we bask in each other's presence, accepting that other people being there is enough for one to go on living.

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Freakyluv said...

ika nga nila... conversation enriches the understanding... but solitude is the soul of genius :)
cheers to nocturnal owls!