Friday, January 14, 2011


Drafted last July 17, 2010.

Do you believe in luck? As a Christian, I have been discouraged to believe in luck. It's because God has a plan for us and things happen for a reason. We just don't go prancing around hoping that because a black cat crossed our path earlier, the huge coconut from that tree will not drop on our head.

Yet for whatever reason, I'm one unlucky fellow. I mentioned a few things I don't like, the world conspires for me to receive them. When I break in and try to find comfort to what they first gave me, the universe tempts me with another one. Just when I'm all hyped up. Where's the luck-issue there? I never get the fulfillment part.

I miss the feeling of security. Of the time I can say "Yes, this is it!" My Eureka moment.

Where are all of these things coming from? I get to meet cool people I know and feel I could get along with really well. Those people you want to be good, better, best friends with. Nice, right? Then they will be picked by the hand and taken from the basket. It's not everyday that this happens to everyone but I guess I'm unlucky on that part. Gradeschool, highschool, college, post-college. Care for post-work? People I consider important and people whom I want to be important to just get off somewhere. (No, you douche, I don't think it's because of me that's why they retract away from my life. Their reasons are different and valid enough.)

People leave. People come and go. They walk in and out of our lives. I don't know if it's easy for them to do so. What's ideal to say here is that we just have to make the most while they're with us, while we still matter to them. That we must not weep that it ended, but rejoice that it happened.

And since I'm not a hypocrite. I don't believe in that.

That makes it more difficult for me. I don't know if it's better but if the signs are there, I don't want to be too attached. (But since I'm an unlucky person, there were no signs. Just a surprise that it's departure time already.) 'Cause the exit makes everything so much worse (for me). They say the good times will trump the absence. KissMyA..ppendix.

Cheesy lines would say/add, goodbyes mean hellos. Goodbyes are not goodbyes, they're see you laters. Yeah. See each other in a while.

But things will never be the same. You can't regret but it's such a waste that sh*t happens.
MORAL: People, they come and go. Life, it doesn't give a f**k on your feelings. These are times when we wish we are like rocks and stones. Emotionless.

When life gives you lemons, do you slit your wrists and squeeze the lemon on top? No, that's too emo-retard.
Turn that frown upside-down. Do a handstand if you must.

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