Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Month For Rent

I was looking for that person, who would be peanut when I'm butter. The Meredith Grey to me being Cristina Yang. The yin to the yang. The left when I'm right. Just that person who would be awesome for you to sit next to. That might have sounded cheesy or real awful, but the casual search never stopped. I thought I found that person. Well yeah, I thought I found that person and stayed with that person for a couple of months. Yet after the lockdown period, it was time to wake-up and realize that I never really found my person.

February has been a roller coaster ride for me complete with the double cyclone loops and 360-degree turns with my gut spilling out. Spending my last birthday (because I will be forever 21) with some of the coolest people ever, going to an ER because of a teammate's gas problem (aka tummy ache), betting on the roulette and slot machines, being on a road trip (and being awake at the same time) for 2 days, driving in traffic and beating the red light, swimming till my lungs hurt, and relationships culminating to changes overnight.

Things would inevitably pass but for me memories would always linger. I may not know what lies ahead but I'm pretty sure I'll take it head-on with my adventurous heart in hand.

February, you are an eccentric SoaB, you might have been both good and bad, but I tell you this: You have been crazy bad-ass. Thanks, February 2011.

MORAL: Nothing we have is truly ours.

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