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Subic - Perfect Daytrip

February 26, 2011

Since a dear high school friend went back to the Philippines for a vacation and wedding, we desperately needed to have an out-of-town trip. It was Puerto Galera (weekend) vs Tagaytay (daytrip) vs Subic (daytrip). Guess which one won? We only had 2 places in our itinerary, since we asked Gladdylyn (the Canadian superstar) what she wants, we set our foot at Camayan and Tree Top Adventure.

Camayan Beach Resort, Subic, Zambales

Going to Subic is an arduous task if you do not have private transportation. We rented a van to accommodate everyone, passed through SCTEx (the road that never ends) and arrived in Subic shortly. Camayan Beach Resort is managed by the same people who oversee Ocean Adventure. Entrance fee is PHP 300. I think it's expensive but upon seeing the place, it's a fair price.

Definitely a swimming beach, there are huge stones you can easily avoid stepping on, the water is clear (yay), and the sand although not so fine, is white. One haunting thing about Camayan Beach Resort is their shower place. It's open and the shower is eco-friendly but not efficient as you only have 5 seconds (yes we counted) of running water before you need to press it again. Good luck rinsing seawater off your skin and hair! There are cottages available for rent at PHP 1,000 a pop and different activities available such as kayaking and snorkelling.

Swimming towards here is far, I tell you. My friend and I made that mistake and I thank God I have pride and beautiful lungs to swim back alive. Haha.
Camayan Beach Resort is a good escape when you're touring Subic or you want a decent place to relax and enjoy the sand and sun.

Tree Top Adventure, Subic, Zambales

Ha! This place is relatively near Camayan Beach Resort. Definitely the place to be if you want some excitement in your boring safe life or maybe just try something new because you consider your computer as your best friend. There is no entrance fee so you can watch your friends pee in their pants from stress or fear, or laugh your head off listening to the Tree Top Adventure crew. We were just interested in the 3 awesome-artery-popping attractions they got. Namely the Silver Surfer, Superman, and the Tree Drop.

Some people just can't do jumpshots. Haha.
The Silver Surfer is a good start because it gives you a great view of your....friend. Okay that was bull. For PHP 250 you will be flung towards the next tree while you watch your friend scream in agony. For best results, don't hold onto the handle. The wind and the height are stupendous.

Next was the Superman. You have to climb at the side then pray that the ropes are really tight and secured. You signed a waiver form in the first place so you really just can't sue them for lots of money in case you fall down, considering a miracle happened and you're still alive. This attraction's worth PHP 200 and you don't have to push yourself up to be able to enjoy it. Just relax and let the colors of the wind pull you in.

This is the attraction which garners the most squeals, laughter, and drama. The crew here are the funniest, they will make you feel comfortable then once you think you're okay, they'll drop you off like a hot potato from 60 feet. Drop it like it's hot. For PHP 150, scream (or like me, No Reaction Girl for the Day) your wits off!

Tree Drop! Gotta love 'em trees.

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