Monday, March 28, 2011

Zac Attack!

My dad dropped his heart and balls. I think I pressed on the gas too much. He doesn't usually fasten his seatbelt but this time he did plus held on the handle. He thought we were about to slam to the car signalling to the left (I was hoping we won't and I thank God we didn't). Well, me driving to McKinley Hill from our place in 30minutes is good enough. He told me to slow down, he told me to look right before swerving, to change lanes one at a time, to sound the horn, and a whole lot of things. Meanwhile, I listened to the radio to keep myself calm. I heard a retort about the "bigger and taller Charice (Pempengco)" and I snorted. My dad told me to focus on the road and not laugh ( @.@). Hey, I was still watching out for the tiyanaks or those pesky kids who just appear out of nowhere and hug your vehicle.

MORAL: Slow down, step on the brake pedal, and honk your horn. Check your side mirrors, they're there for a reason. No, dingbat, they're not just props!

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