Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Keep Shining

Jesus you rock 'n roll.
On a rainy Tuesday when tropical storm Chedeng is scaring Filipinos into paranoia and "Ondoy 2" my officemate asked me if we're pushing through with watching Barbie at Katipunan. It wasn't a crucial day for me as in a project phase, this is my calm before the storm. One Grey's Anatomy episode, a burned mixtape, and a running magazine after, my ride called already. We're pushing through with it because she has nothing else better to do anyway and the rain stopped. Hallelujah!

Thanks, Chin! It was a great night. No waiting time, met our college people (yours and mine from different schools), and set list was amazing. Not to mention you finally noticed that Barbie is not tall and has frizzy, dry hair. :|

First dibs on the new album! Here's the music video as well but most of all, I got my fresh CD signed (thanks to Chin for being a supportive fangirl hahahaha) and finally asked my long-overdue question to Barbie: Where does she get her jacket and shoes? I told Barbie I just come to her shows to check her jackets and shoes. The girl had no idea as her former stylist were just giving her stuff then checked the one she's wearing, "Topshop ata?" She lifted her leg to check the sole of her shoes, "Uhmm... Aldo?" All the while I was thinking, "Teh, hindi ka sure kung may brand na Aldo?!?" Mahalia jackson the shoes and jacket. You already!

Still the best female guitarist around, Barbie Almalbis can still rock the world. Her music video was made with real photographs. *picks up jaw from the floor*

Jesus you are a superstar.
I am a natural anti-fangirl. I was just with a natural fangirl. And it was worth it.

MORAL: NO doesn't get you anywhere. You may prevent a possible lamentable event, but the "what if" question would haunt you forever.

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