Thursday, May 05, 2011

May, How About You?

And I thought I'm dead, too.

April has been really kind to me, allowing me a lot of free time to blog, post photos, catch-up on my reading, watch the latest and current movies and TV series out there. Not to mention a century-full of exercise hours, so I can run around and swim until my lungs collapse.

What this blog has been missing:
- concerts of Taylor Swift and The Script (no, they didn't perform together)
- Holy Week 2011 (I was semi-adopted and fed like a suckling pig for a few days for the Holy Week)
- Pico de Loro and Boracay beach trips (including my first beach run)

Those are actually a lot already. As a pioneer of "you can have all the time in the world," I'm at the abyss as I'm eating all of my "there's no such thing as 'too busy' for something" hoopla. As I have to admit, I'm actually busy and stressed with this. When my hormones or bipolar self tries to get the best of me, my current work/tasks would shield those thoughts or possible self-inflicted drama. A distraction, maybe, but it's definitely not a good one.

I will find the time for myself this May. I NEED to.

MORAL: Find time for everything. If you can't find time, then make one.

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