Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Miss Israel on Wheels

After watching Fast Five in this blockbuster season, it's no wonder that Gal Gadot is going to be creating some buzz...again.

The Israeli actress, model, and former Miss Israel (2004) has been seen in the movies Fast & Furious (she was toooooo skinny here) and Fast Five, as well as a cameo with Tom Cruise in Knight and Day. If you search her movie list it was mentioned she had a small role in the movie Date Night (which I have a copy since time immemorial) but since I haven't watched the movie, I won't mention it. Nope, even if I typed about it here, I still don't consider mentioning it. :|

Ok, this is the wind effect.
I think I have a thing for Israelis. Yes, Natalie Portman is Israeli as well. Now bask in the glory of Israel! Jesus really loves that place. Either I'm quite sleepy already or my eyes are tired from the front-row seats we had in the movie house (we didn't have any choice unless we take the last full show), I think there's a semblance between Natalie and Gal.

Tough chick in the movie? Plus points. :)

Moral: Israel, you're really fast and furious. You still got your Israeli Army going on. Life is beautiful and so are we. Oh yeah.

This one's a still from Fast Five. It's a nice movie, don't mind the story.

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