Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Run Like the Wind

If you know me or not know me (whatever), I am not into fads. I still try to believe that I have some non-conformist hormones (if there's such a thing) inside of me. So when running became the "in" thing, meaning everyone's into it, I just laugh although not sinisterly at those into running, complete with splurging on expensive gadgets and all. Well I don't judge them, it's just that I'm waiting people out to get tired of it. However, I think running's going to be here for a while. You just invest on running shoes (which you can use even if you're not going to run, duh) and off you go. A lot of places especially the commercial centers welcome runners and walkers alike. You don't need other equipments, just run and sweat like a pig.

Then the boom of fun runs came, these events sprouting like pimples on a kid's oily face. There are fun runs at The Fort almost every weekend, as well as in other places. It took a while before I decided to join my first fun run. Ever since I got into the company's fitness program (meaning my gym fee is waived), I have been using the treadmill for some time. Carbo Girl into Cardio. Back when I was still in school, I am confident to say that I can sprint like a terrier on the loose. See illustration.
A Jack Russell Terrier at the meadow. Aww.
So yes, I can sprint like a Jackie but I believe my endurance is like a running mollusk. And I told myself that I will only join running events that have a cause. Only those with "for the benefit of [...]" and mind you, the 2 events I have joined are for a cause. First event was December 12 last year, Eco Run 2010 at Fort Bonifacio. My friend and I joined and got lost around the camp. Hahaha. At one point we were following the 10K route (while we're running 5K hahaha) and we're not the only ones who ran extra meters. Bad marshalls, tsk. First times are like crap. Next run I had was by chance. It was destiny. My officemate (the one who adopted me at my Holy Week 101 feat) and I were gym-hopping for attendance (we need to complete at least 8 visits) when we saw the ad inside Gold's Gym at Intercontinental Hotel. Skyathon Beach Run 2011. Oh yeah boy, the event (April 30) is smack in the middle of our Boracay trip! This is destiny. There were a lot of freebies in the event. The lootbag (contains a shirt, magazine, spray, totebag, slippers, etc.), breakfast, sweet and decent singlet, personalized medal, not to mention a timing device all for the registration fee of Php 700 were definitely not bad! My 2nd run was memorable because we ran barefooted and drunk. Actually, it was just my officemate who was drunk (not me!) but we partied and consumed alcohol that Friday night like it was the end of the world. So much fun for a Saturday morning run! End of story: we were 13-15minutes late. It was a very noteworthy event I can assure you.

So we have ran for the environment (tree planting to be exact) and for the beach (Skyathon proceeds are for the beach clean-up). What's next?

MORAL: Run. Just run, don't think. You start running the moment you stop thinking. If you're a non-conformist like me, it's still okay to tie your running shoes and speed away. Do it for your health, for your heart, for your lungs, for the endorphins. The runner's high? It won't disappoint you.

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