Monday, June 13, 2011


If you have an online social life (read: Internet), you'll probably be swamped with all the latest news and updates about the NBA and its recently crowned champions, the Dallas Mavericks. A lot are LeBron haters, Lakers-to-Mavs fans, same with the angry Clevelanders hence Cavs4Mavs, and Give-the-Kidd-A-Ring movement supporters. It's basketball, it's sports, man. A lot are tweeting (in case you live under a rock, it's an action done in Twitter) about "bandwagon fans" and how they just became "solid fans" during the Finals (I can feel the "where were you when they were still struggling?" comments). Hello. Bandwagon fans. They're like politicians, always on the side of those winning (or almost winning).

Me? I'm a solid Kobe fan. So when the Mavericks swept away the Lakers like they were dirt, I'll root for the team that demolished me. LeChon can go eat his candy ring.

You might be a loyal fan who stays up late or wakes up real early for the game, but everyone else just watches the 4th quarter (or the final game in a tennis Grand Slam). If you're not a bandwagon fan as you say/claim (whether implicitly or not), you know that. And you probably won't gripe. ;)

MORAL: Live with it.

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