Thursday, June 02, 2011

Beauty in the Eye of the Lens

Drafted May 27, 2011 but hey.

So what's new? Aside from I'm not using the default font? The weather has been really wet and bipolar lately. Tropical monsoon sends scattered rainfall and really moody clouds around the metro. Do not be fooled by the weather you experience the moment you step out of your house (hot and sunny? Wait till you get to the next block!), it will change in a bat of an extended eyelash with mascara. Local nonsense weather-hopeful-related report brought to you by Donya Anita, your friendly neighborhood manghuhula. For booking in parties or maybe one-on-one private reading of your fortune, contact blogger.

I've been fond of the color red maybe because I was born during the celebration time of Valentine's Day and it's the only color around. So maybe I became attached to it. Although the real story here is how my highschool buddy Pentax Optio couldn't take the strong waves of San Juan, La Union. Sure thing the waves were no match but the sand got to him. My poor baby's LCD drowned. Aside from my camera I was distraught because I also lost my waterproof pouch. A friend misplaced it somewhere we cannot determine, maybe the sand swallowed it or some hermit crab stole it. San Juan, La Union is a great surf spot and to add, a giant waterproof-killer-machine.

Pentax on the left, Olympus on the right!
Hello new water buddy! I was supposed to buy a Canon D10 but seems like it would take an eternity and a half for the supplies to be replenished. Hopefully this red rock is solid enough to take on my lifestyle but it's not like I throw cameras around as a hobby. Although I haven't tested its prowess underwater, a few test shots using the filters are spelling f-u-n.

Sketching Forever 21!

MORAL: We have different needs and wants, but this time let's keep it simple. It is point and shoot after all. If you're really going to use it, go ahead just don't go splurging your food money on things that can be broken easily. Regret is for the weak and we ain't weak, baby. We ain't weak. (Just a little bit extravagant.)

Another filter, with vignette this time!
That's Darth Vabear. Such a cutie (from Korea!). :D

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