Sunday, June 26, 2011

Camilla Belle plus Nicholas D'Agosto

Let's hit two beautiful birds in one stone. My brother for some reason downloaded the movie From Prada to Nada and so I plugged it to watch in our television. Two familiar favorites showed up in our screen, the lovely and mouth-watering duo of Camilla Belle and Nicholas D'Agosto. Okay, they look kind of similar, they could pass of as siblings.

Camilla Belle was brought into stardom (or semi-stardom whatever) from When A Stranger Calls showed in the big screen. Then next would be the silent movie 10,000 BC and also from that awesome movie, Push. Yes she has striking co-stars in the last 2 movies mentioned and this time, she has Nicholas D'Agosto for From Prada to Nada. Lucky girl.
Yes we know you have lovely eyebrows.
You already!
Nicholas D'Agosto first caught my eye in the movie Rocket Science but you would probably recognize him from the tv series Heroes in season 2. Next would be from the movie Fired Up! which was a little bit annoying but hey, seeing him and his smile was totally worth it.


Dios mio!
Now let's all bask in the goodness of nature and how they made Nicholas and Camilla perfect by staring at their photos again.

MORAL: Blondes do not necessarily have all the fun.

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