Friday, June 03, 2011

Mermaids of the Caribbean: On Familiar Tides

Geez, this was actually drafted last May 24, 2011 and as of press time, the last movie I have watched is Kung Fu Panda 2 X-Men: First Class. I'll remember to press the "Publish" button next time.

Work-Life Balance Status Update: 80% [Slightly Off-Track]

Despite the gargantuan amount of work I need to get over with, I've been catching-up with my life recently. Funny that it actually needs effort to be executed. Oh yes, I am improving! I have purchased books (have already finished the first be proud, momma) and a CD (Taken by Cars!) recently. Almost done with my series! Although I still got a lot of that in my plate, not to mention the number of movies I missed over the last few months, one by one I've been covering those holes left open. A great improvement though is that I've been watching movies in the big screen now. Guess who's back to her old tricks! Since I've been punishing and whipping myself dry for missing Thor (and Natalie Portman), I need to get back on the "blockbuster season" and hopefully strike a number of movies from the list. The latest one I have watched as of presstime (or blogtime whatever) is Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. That's a freaking long title. No Keira Knightley nor Orlando Bloom. Just Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz dabbing each other with eye make-up.

No, that's not Amanda Seyfried. That's Gemma Ward, the queen of the mermaids!
The show-stealer were definitely the mermaids. For me the movie was a bit slow-paced (which is supposedly uncommon for Pirates of the Caribbean) but the effects are really worthy of Hollywood. The tails of the mermaids are visually stunning, flowing so gracefully in the water. Their fangs and fury definitely kept me awake. For a moment there, whale hunting was on my mind. Repeat with me: Fish are friends not food. Mermaids are ugh, friends....not food, too? Actually they're the ones who get the jolly sailor boat.

MORAL: The fountain of youth is all but a dream. Only God can grant eternal life. Kudos to the Spaniards.

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