Monday, August 22, 2011

Welcome to the Family: Liam and Zumi

Two new additions in my trash bag are Zumi and Liam. :)

I love Moses to death, he's been loyal to me since the start of my college life. He's my default companion whenever the benches are full and he made commuting and walking (whether along Katipunan or inside Ateneo) tolerable. Then there's the thing about me enjoying the whole running phase. I don't know, I think I can run farther when I'm not listening to music, I don't know. Well, a bank company sent me an instant credit card and their promo is a discounted 6th Gen iPod Nano with a watch/wrist strap. So now, I have Liam, the iPod Nano six generations younger than Moses! I pretty much ate my words as I said I'll just switch iPods if mine's not working anymore. Moses still has the guns, I just need to update him and he's up to par with Liam, even if the latter's memory is more than twice what Moses can handle.

Liam in a red wrist strap. You have to guess his real color, though.
Ever since I sold my Holga, I'm still attached to the whole lomo-effect, complete with vignette, saturated colors, vivid effects included. So what's the next best thing? When I was able to have a few bucks to spare (which I could have donated I know) and news that the lens company is not producing more of the lens they use in this camera, I was all set to march to where I can buy this digital "lomo" camera. Hello Zumi, the Digital Harinezumi 2+++ (triple plus!) camera by Superheadz imported from Singapore! Expect random photos included in the posts courtesy of Zumi.

Zumi's camera-shy. So settle for the photo he took. :p

Hullo Liam and Zumi, you both were the results of my bereavement. And both are pretty painful in the wallet.

MORAL: If you can't sleep because of it, if you can't eat because of it, if you can't breathe well because of it, it's just one thing: infatuation. Or in this case, gadgetoholism. Shut up, I just made that up, okay?! August has been really tough on me, really, really tough. I'm just holding on.

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