Thursday, September 29, 2011


September means new and returning series for everyone.

So aside from the multiple tv series (Grey's Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, Nikita, Glee, Desperate Housewives, did I forget something else*?) I am copying and downloading and not sharing any information about how good they are, there's a new MTV series I'm getting my hands on and it's...

Awkward. (That's the title!)

This is probably the last still that Jenna Hamilton looks like this
because she becomes fabulous afterwards and no, it's not makeover.
They thought that social outcast Jenna Hamilton tried to kill herself wherein she just got into an unfortunate accident and this event begins her rise as a celebrity in her school (as the recipient of the negative kind of attention). The cool, err, crazy semi-retard guidance counsellor is a great source of hilarious-WTF moments while her friends fart witty banters left and right. Awkward has a very decent soundtrack (no duh, it's from MTV) and a humor not everyone will love - and it perfectly works for me. Sad part is that it only has 12 episodes per season and I'm not sure of its longevity.

"Oh look a dead girl playing Dead Stacy. Congrats, Jenna. You just became a cliche of yourself."
"Cliche means stupid, right?"


Where's my The Walking Dead and secret-violent-or-murderous-something series?

MORAL: Be afraid. Be very afraid of the teenage American culture.

*Oh yeah, New Girl starred by Zooey Deschanel looks promising, too, but only because it's Zooey. Would probably write about it when they have excreted more episodes.

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