Friday, September 30, 2011

Lost and Found Identification

So when Rach was complaining about blogging and how she misses it (maybe because of work), I told her it was like I was cramming my blog entries for the past few days - obviously I'm doing my best not to let a month go by without posting anything (yes no one needs to remind me I missed posting entries for February and April this year). I don't know what to post for September 29 aside from I brought a really late gift for a friend and that pretty much sucks if it's the highlight of my day.

I was really looking forward to the project celebration when I returned to our office area. I found out that my ID was a goner! I even walked all the way back to McDonald's across our office just to trace back my steps. No ID holymotherofhebejeezus! I talked to the guards and also to the receptionist about it and the latter gave me a paper to fill-out. It was a report of loss form and it had too many fields. So while I was down and about to give up, one maintenance personnel approached me in our workspace and handed me my ID. He mentioned that when he saw the ID, he noticed the photo, realized that it was familiar, and thought that he recognized the person. So he went straight to me ending his speech with, "Buti ma'am ako nakakita." I wanted to hug manong right then and there!!!! Then my officemates asked me how come he knows me. Good question, since I've been staying on the 7th floor for almost a month and was a no-show on the 5th floor (where manong approached me). :| Nonetheless, manong saved my day from being ruined at 4:30pm!

So I won't mention here that I ate a lot during our project celebration, got really sucky emails from this horrible person, that I almost hit more than 12 hours in the parking lot (Php 100 will burn like fire), and that it was the first time I reached 110kph driving on the road (EDSA-Ortigas FTW!) that is not a freeway, plus I still ate after going home. Hahaha such a pig, a stressed out pig.

MORAL: Share a smile with strangers. You don't know how vomit-inducing their day has been. :)

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