Monday, September 26, 2011

Run To You

Would probably update this with the photos of the singlets, no?

While I was dying with all the stress and time-sucking corporate activities, a friend managed to slip a fun run into our busy schedule. Yes I know I haven't posted much for August and September (funny I didn't have any trips scheduled on both months, too) and we're fast approaching October! Geez, I can still remember things that transpired last March (where is my Korea post/entry?!) and when I look at the time, holy heaven geebeezus, it's REALLY almost October already!

Back to the fun run topic, the last five runs I have joined, was forced to join, was threatened to join, are all for charity - or at least their advertisement says so. I only have 2 requirements when joining fun runs - for a cause and singlet inclusive (whether it fits me or not I do not mind anymore).

1st - December 12, 2010 - EcoRun 2010 at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.
My first 5K run, I initially just wanted to try running a 3K because I have been running in the gym (hello treadmill) for about a month. However, my friend Troy said we can pull off a 5K so we upgraded our registration (no extra cost anyway) and ended up running an extra half-kilometer because we got lost - we were running the 10K route! Well, a lot of people got lost because of the lack of marshals! After joining a few more runs, indeed, this is one of the poorly organized running events - very few hydration stations, late gunstart (the sun was sharing UV rays already when we started) and lack of marshals.
Running for: more trees!

2nd - April 30, 2011 - Skyathon Boracay Beach Run 2011 at Boracay Island, Aklan.
This is also my first beach run and my first time in Boracay (loser me). Well, there are not much beach runs anyway. I swear I'll be coming back to Boracay! Two of my officemates and I ran the whole 5K with our barefeet and the sand was really fine. Surely any callus you have will be one with the white sand, which the early beachgoers will rub onto their skins, haha. There were a lot of sponsors for this event (best loot bag EVER), free food, and they even had a disposable timing chip for the run. A very memorable run as we drank a lot the night before and had no sleep. Hahaha! Not to mention the singlet fits perfectly. Way to go, Skyathon organizers!
Running for: beach clean-up!

3rd - July 03, 2011 - Vision in Motion Fun Run 2011 at MOA, Pasay City.
First 5K fun run with my new running buddy, Taliztae. No sleep from the night before! We just watched movies and brisk-walked to and from the venue, perfect warm-up and cool-down. Worse singlet fit ever I had to wear my Adidas tank underneath!
Running for: Ideal Vision's foundation and "Save Your Sight" campaign.

4th - August 07, 2011 - HP Fun Run 2011 at McKinley Hill, Taguig City.
We're leveling up! Taliztae and I have been running around McKinley for a couple of times already, with all the uphill and downhill challenges the venue gives us. So running 9K would be easy, right? NO. We have to run around the area 3 freaking times, with crazy uphill and downhill on both ends. Good thing is that there were a whole lot of hydration centers in this race, not to mention it freaking rained a few minutes before the event and drizzled during as well. First wet run! Fuuuuun. Running in the raaaain!
Running for: PGH Wards 9 and 11.

5th - September 25, 2011 - Fam on the Run 2011 at McKinley Hill, Taguig City.
First 10K run! Since we were not able to get any map for the race, I initially thought we're running the same course as the HP Fun Run last August. WRONG. This 10K run starts at Venice Piazza fountain area then all the way up to Fort Bonifacio and onwards to Bayani Road reaching Heritage Park and back. The fail part here is that I thought it would not start on time like what happened in the last run. So I ran far from the starting area to change clothes and then went up to our office to deposit my things and then back to sprinting uphill all the way to catch up with my friend. She noticed how red I was and I was so parched (where are the dang hydration areas?!) I wasn't able to speak until after our slow jog, actually I thought I would black out there from sprinting uphill and not stopping at all haha. There were lots of freebies, too, not bad!
Running for: The Medical City's Department of Pediatrics Charity patients.

What's next? Improving my 10K time! What's the ideal time to finish, anyway?

MORAL: Don't just run for the singlet, run for the challenge and the cause! Yes, running for charity makes it easier to say, "even if my time sucks, it's okay, it's for a good cause anyway." So you won't beat yourself over and over for running really slow on the event.

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