Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sink or Swim - Sinkholes!

Ever since I saw the photos of the urban sinkhole in Guatemala, sinkholes have taken my mind to another level. And when there was another touch point of sinkholes in my life - thanks to Grey's Anatomy season 8 - from sinkholes I have moved on to reading about hyperventilation, mammalian diving reflex, shallow and deep water blackout, and freediving.

One minute you're driving in the city
then the earth crumbles then... POOF!
While sinkholes in the middle of cities are extremely mind-altering, there are those that can leave you awestruck. Here's one sinkhole from Oman (you can find a couple more in the link below). I don't know the name but it's still beautiful (and accessible!) nonetheless!

Of course, with freediving comes greater measures of wonder. Others have their dream vacation spots (hello, Santorini!) and here lies the Top 10 Coolest Places to Swim - our sinkholes definitely included in the list (not the Guatemalan sinkhole you coke-freak!).

I'm still hesitant to learn scuba diving because I fear that I would go crazy on it and blow off my money on diving so I'll settle for the Devil's Swimming Pool on top of the Victoria Falls in Zambia. Well, I'll probably be a homeless person for the airfare going there anyway! Look at the natural infinity pool that has a to-die-for (pun intended) view from the top that is not brought about by latest true-to-life LCD television screens.

Devil's Armchair. Fall....in love.

See the Top 10 Coolest Place to Swim here.

MORAL: This world is amazing and we are forever living in mystery of its beauty. So don't freaking blow the mountains, the coral reefs, or uproot all the big trees you can find.

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