Friday, October 28, 2011

Time to Be Personal Again

This thing has been in the drafts for too long. I don't know why I haven't published this. It's now freaking October and the items are for August/September!!! Well October brought about a lot of issues so it might still be applicable. :)

Now is the time!

Time to make the blog personal again! > This one really sounds similar to a computer company's ad slogan before and yet it is exactly what I need. I don't keep a diary/journal of my life - imagine if anything's supposed to be a secret, you must leave no possible evidence behind! So pretty much all items I have are open to public reading and scrutiny. Read: Evidence = Paper Trail = Diary.

Friends summed up August for me and since we work in the same place, the career thoughts are also similar:

- Trusting the wrong people or "friends." Bullies never grow up. They have deep unseated insecurities in life. Awww. Tss. -.-
There will be bullies wherever you go. These are people who need to instill fear in the consciousness of people in order to assert their so-called influence, or to protect such influence from becoming irrelevant.
But at the end of the day, these are simply individuals filled with insecurities that they can only cover up by making others submit to their will.
I don't get why people put up with such behavior but I do understand that it's better to be on the safe side because there are perks to that. It's okay to just keep quiet or laugh along with their "witty" jokes making fun of other people rather than being on the receiving end of their wrath.
To that I say, what the fuck! We're simply reinforcing their actions if we don't question them and it further gives them a license to treat people in such a way. It's like explicitly allowing colorum buses to run wild in EDSA. It simply shouldn't happen.
No one has to go through the experience of being shamed through negative tweets, offensive status messages, and maybe direct confrontation and no one has the right to subject others through those things. 
(Bondoc, 2011
- Frustrations are not like the existence of rain showers and thunderstorms in a tropical country which just pop out like zits and you can't do anything about it. It's because one has set certain expectations and disappointment is part and parcel of that. I have set the bar high and I'm willing to work my tendons to not just reach it, but go over it. Competitive as agreed, which is why I willingly endured all sacrifices (lifestyle according to pay, time, and work requirements) all for the sake of experience and better opportunities. Maybe I got the experience right, although I'm not sure on the opportunities part. Maybe we have different priorities in life and posting an ultimatum on getting things done might or might not work for me (hello it may even backfire!). I don't want to just go with the flow and let life take you as you ride along to its course. Control freak much? Boohoo, unlucky me.

I am not fond of waiting. I never was. It has always been similar to "what I want, I want it now" or okay if not now, maybe a little later but it must be in the time frame that I can still remember (because I might be matampuhin and ditch the whole idea if I don't get it right away). If this is the time I have to learn how to wait, well, hopefully this is that part already. Patience is keeping a positive disposition while waiting. It is a virtue after all. :|

Maybe I have to be a little loose. Learn to sail with the wind and use it to my advantage, because I'm sure as tweaking my own propellers to go in the same direction.

MORAL: Aside from getting a regular font, thanks Rach for the life lessons you have shared.

Take away all the people (and things) that make me sad, disappointed, and worried. I will take away all the negative vibes that this month brought into my life. I will take away expectations, unrequited love, people with so many issues, and irritating/negative ones. So, if you're one of the ones mentioned above, I'm sorry but I do not have room for you in my life :) Again, I do not need lots of people to share this journey with, I just need the right ones :)
Take one day at a time, one role at a time, one friend at a time, one project at a time, one boy at a time, one experience at a time, and I am sure, things will be way better than this month :)
Surround myself with people who make me happy and inspired, of people who want to be part of my life, with people who care enough with what I'm feeling, and with people whom I can trust.
(Dimaculangan, 2011)

Yes. Life's too short to feel all crappy about crap (people include). These lessons aren't like pills wherein you just need to swallow to feel better. Having this kind of disposition would take time to develop, well at least for me, and yet I know this would yield a better world in the perspective of a mermaid.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Captivating Coron

Thanks to Mary for the title. October 20-22, 2011

My previous trip was last July where we went to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. After more than two months of travel-hiatus, I am now back on track! Since this was already planned long before the schedule of my project was released, it hit straight into the middle of the testing period. I wonder if my PM hated me because of it. Hmmm.... I swear I must have bought more cashew tarts...

Where did I bring my stuff to? Coron, Palawan!

Zumi's shot of Palawan. And we haven't even landed!
Packing my hiking bag and trotting along my near-retirement sandals, Coron is definitely the place to be when you want to cry on the inside because of being awestruck with beauty. Coron is located at the northern part of Palawan. It has its own small airport (much like Caticlan's), Busuanga's Francisco B. Reyes Airport. From the airport, there are a lot of transfers to the town proper. Standard fare is PHP150 whether you arrange for pick-up or just ride when you're there. Just tell them your lodging and they'll drop you on its doorstep. Travel time is around 20-30minutes depending on how crazy your driver is. 
And you'll think you're in New Zealand with the cows roaming around like a boss.
We stayed at Coron Gateway Hotel. It's pretty popular with the locals because when they ask where we are checked-in and we say the name of the hotel, they never fail to say "Oooh," then add, "Mahal dun ah." If only they knew we were on promo. 

First on the list is the famous Mt. Tapyas. There are 724+ steps to reach the top and see the giant cross that lights up at night. Better bring a bottle of water because you'll be in for a ridunkulous climb. What's interesting here is that you can get to fully appreciate Mt. Tapyas once you start on your island hopping adventure. You can see from afar that there is really a "tapyas" in the mountain - which our local refreshment vendor shared - a bomb hit that side of the mountain. Uh-huh.
724 steps? Worth it.
Before you give your legs time to realize it's already aching, you can speed off to Maquinit Hot Spring. Word of advice is to NOT jump in as the hot spring is Take time to adjust to the temperature and it will be a relaxing treat.

You have been warned. This is a TYPICAL scene/view in Coron.

So what is Coron all about? The bluer than blue waters and amazing rock formations that are just  around the corner. First is the post-card friendly to-die-for Kayangan Lake. Getting there would already give you the "Ahhhhh....." and then you'll die again when you reach the lake after a short trek.

Welcome to Kayangan Lake! Where the water is so clear you need to stop and pray, thanking God that there are still places like this.

Stop in the middle of the trek to bask in the beauty of the scenery.
And no editing needed. It really looks like this.

Start crying.

Friday, October 14, 2011


August showed me how difficult people can be. Those whom you think are your friends suddenly shoots you and broadcasts it to the whole world - even if they're holding on to wrong information.

September showed me how difficult it is to be on the receiving end of a client that throws tantrums like crumpled paper. It also made me realize the real meaning of "clingy" and "needy" and this is even related to work. Yes.

October showed me that no matter how awesome you feel or how superhuman you can be, there are only 24 hours in a day and you can only do so much. It's both sad and humbling.

Oct 13 has been really something. I threw the can of Pringles on the floor, shouted at that moustached-face and then snapped back to reality and continued what I was doing. Being chased by a lot of crazy people and then accepting that you have to delegate tasks even if it might mean more work for you (teach, supervise the work, and re-check the final output) is no easy feat and yes I tried to squeeze them all in. I was decided to go to the office but I had a heavy heart. I prayed to God to help me see the balance in everything, the good in the bad.

What happened after I prayed in the car, the emergency lights in our garage turned on meaning we don't have electricity. So it was a good decision to go to the office huh. Halfway, rained poured like a waterfall. The good? My car won't be nominated in the "City Cars That Look Like It Traveled in the Desert" category. Not to mention God made me not lose hope in humanity even after all the shenanigans that happened (see August and September paragraphs above) because of the REAL friends I have in the office. 

I still pray to God to make me accept that things really do happen for a reason and that we're not under the power of luck.

MORAL: Grant to us the serenity of mind to accept that which cannot be changed; courage to change that which can be changed, and wisdom to know the one from the other, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Colour Missions

Adidas Colour Missions are 4 tracks available for download at wherein the soundtrack will keep you running and running to complete your mission. There is a voice over telling you to slow down into a jog, run as fast as you can, and egging you to continue running to either avoid being caught by the police or to be on time for your performance. It's like being part of Grand Theft Auto except you can't ride anything (or hit anyone) as you'll keep on running and running in your mission for about 15 minutes.

There are 4 missions to choose from:
Colour Mission Yellow - The Getaway > You're a bank robber making your getaway.
Colour Mission Green - The Mothership > You're racking to make contact with a UFO.
Colour Mission Blue - Rock Star > You're a rock star late for a gig.
Colour Mission Red - Before Dawn > You're being chased by vampires.

So I tried listening to the missions while working, and all I can say is.... nothing. Maybe it would feel different if I try it out on the road?

Side note since we're into Adidas anyway, while I'm still a proud owner of Adidas Fluid Trainer Light, my next target would be Nike Free Run+ 2 and they're pretty heavy on the wallet! Wait wait, Adidas Climacool Ride is also a good prospect in blocking my bank account. The red CC (yes we have monikers now) Ride is definitely making a print on my mind! Both running shoes rank high in reviews and in the price department. *tears start to well up*

MORAL: Run, walk, jog. Whatever it is, chase pavements and let your heart rate rise.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Ang mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan (Bob Ong)

So Bob Ong has 8 books scattered across the Philippine Literature section of National Bookstore. I used to follow his books religiously and agreed with what he shared in his printed works. Then I realized that... Wait. 


Naalala ko na may entry na pala ako sa aking blog tungkol kay Bob Ong at sa huli niyang librong aking nabasa - Kapitan Sino. Sa nakaraang buwan, bigla ko lang nabasa habang naghahanap ng oras ng UAAP Finals na may isa pa palang librong nailabas si Bob Ong pagkatapos ng Kapitan Sino. Ito ang "Ang mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan" na kumalat na noong 2010. Nalungkot ako na hindi ko man lang nabili kaagad ang libro noong nakaraang taon, pero nagpabili naman ako kaagad nito matapos kong malaman na iba na ang ikot ng kwento ngayon. Hindi na tungkol sa mga nakatatawang jokes at pangangaral ang ginawa ni Bob Ong. Unang subok niya ito sa horror o di kaya'y supernatural na genre. 

I was really hoping that Puno parin ako ng pag-asa na hindi na gagawin ni Bob Ong ang mga shortcut niya sa pagsusulat. Alam kong maraming tumatangkilik sa kanya at mga simpleng "niya" "siya" na nagiging "nya" "sya" ay nakukuha ng mga mambabasa na marahil ay paniniwalaan nilang tama. Grammar Nazi ba ako? Hindi ah! Ako ay concerned citizen lamang. Nabigo lamang ako, namimilipit ang aking mga paa tuwing nababasa ko ang "sya." Balik na nga lang tayo sa libro. Parang journal-type ang style ng pagkakasulat, nagsasalaysay ang bida ng kanyang mga karanasan sa Maynila at makalaon,  sa probinsya kung saan naroon ang kanyang lola - si Mama Susan. Kaya nating paganahin ang ating mga imahinasyon at alam natin ang tagpuan ng mga kinaugaliang horror movie, kaya sapat na ang mga detalye para makita mo ang nakikita ng bida sa istorya. Hindi ko ikukuwento kung ano ang nagyari sa libro (baka gusto mo pa basahin, go lang!) pero masasabi ko lang na hindi nakatatawa ang libro (malaking kaibahan sa mga unang naisulat ni Bob Ong) at kahit hindi masiyado pulido ang istorya, saludo ako at sumubok ng ibang genre ang may akda.

Aral: Mayroon pala talagang mga libro na maiisipan mong sinayang lang ang mga puno sa paglimbag dito. Isipin mo, PHP150 din yung libro ah, parking fee ko na iyon sa 3 araw. Kung gusto mong basahin yung libro, hiramin mo nalang sa akin.