Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bandwagon - Going Elsewhere

Everyone's hating on Twilight, so I'm going to watch Breaking Dawn when it premieres.
Everyone's all crazy over the trailer of The Hunger Games so I'm going to wait for the 2nd release of the trailer or just wait until March 2012 - the premiere of the movie.
All the folks are queuing at milk tea stores and raving how much they love it. I'll just go mix and sip my own Thai milk tea.
Everybody's writing their own travel blog. So I won't. A travel blog that's all about the writer? S/he should have just written about his/her life then include, "oh wait I went to Antarctica because it's sooooo cool there."
Everyone takes photos of everything. I snap a few and keep the moment in my mind. A lot of great experiences are missed just because you took a photo of it (and you were looking at the screen).

Everyone's travelling and going elsewhere. Promo fare here, voucher deal there.

Even if everyone's doing it.

Seeing the world and all the differences, beauty, and unpleasantries included make up for amazing stories you could amuse yourself with. The excitement and danger (yup!) are part of it. How many times have you dropped your jaw in astonishment? Have you thought about life when the sun is setting and the cool breeze is sweeping by? Plus the life lessons you'll learn, the experiences you'll encounter, the time you'll kill, the money you'll burn spend, the people you'll meet, the languages you'll murder, the photos you'll take, and the memories you'll keep - priceless.

Don't brag about your trips, don't feel insecure of the number of hot spots your friends have been to (quality over quantity!). Take one island at a time, one country at a time. The world is for your taking. :)

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karatrops said...

AMEN! Where to next, Ruth? :)


Talagang nilagay ko rin yung link ko. :P