Thursday, November 17, 2011

Light's Beautiful Surprises

So it was mentioned how I'm not much of a fan of sunlight and bright lights but being a fan of lomography and toy cameras means I have to go and embrace the killer cancerous UV lights daylight while wearing my protective ring (yes I still believe I am a vampire up to this date so just go along and don't let me use my compulsion prowess on you).
Tian Tan Buddha
Whenever we go out in broad daylight or when my parents drag my carcass somewhere else (they pull me by the hair), I always bring along Zumi (the size of a credit card) and get some shots whenever I can just so I can make this camera fulfill its expensive destiny. We're into purpose-driven life here, ya know.
PS: I am still looking for a wrist strap and camera case though. If you know where I can purchase message me!
Fishies from our aquarium slash hand washing area. I kid.
The shots might come off as a surprise even though there's an LCD screen in the middle of the camera for reviewing your photos because practically Zumi's viewfinder is as useful as your appendix. Best shots result when there's more light (sing "Sunny daaaaay lalala....") because the colors are more exposed to the camera. Good photos is equal to bad skin.
Eastwood Mall indoor shot. In Monochrome Hard filter.
I admit that Zumi is no match to DSLRs or other point-and-shoot digicams when it comes to zoom, megapixels, focus, sharpness, etc. Making this toy camera seem to be more impractical and "expensive" are the camera applications available in iPhone and iPod Touch's that can capture clear and "fun" photos as well.  Hmph. I'll still keep my sumptuous, saturated, daylight-loving, vivid camera. Nothing can replace the fun factor it has, the beautiful mistakes that could come out from the shots (versus the "perfect" photos from the lomo apps), and not thinking of post-processing anything at all. Unless you want to put fangs on your sister's normal portrait shot. I know I do. >:]

MORAL: Don't think. Just shoot. It's about time you have fun. :)

I'm not missing my film camera anymore. This thing is making me happy, really trigger happy.

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