Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Break

I envy my friends who can produce heartfelt, emotion-filled entries with 3,000 lines well-spent. When I start writing something, I stop mid-sentence and flash the events back. I get warped to the scene that cause whatever feelings I have and get lost in that dimension.

All I can type of right now are about teas, books, movies (or series), travel spots, and music. Oh yeah about life as well but entries that are taken from the strongest vein in my body that can make your heart skip a beat? I'll pass. I can write out dialogues, scripts, lines, those that can be movie-worthy (self-confidence, yee-haaaw!) but anything that is really from my own? Nah. Someone please pass the popcorn, I'm watching Revenge and re-creating the whole thing in my head.

See, the only thing I could say now is how anal I get inside music and bookstores. I have been spotted arranging the CDs at a popular bookstore when there are multiple copies of the same artist distributed all around. What ever happened to categorizing or having them arranged alphabetically?! No one wants to flip all the CDs over just to know if the artist they've been searching for is just behind the Justin Bieber hair-covered album cover staring them in the eyes?

One win moment I had when I went to Fully Booked was when my friend shouted at me, really confident that the book I picked up (in a motion to buy it) was fugly. He swore that I must not purchase the book just because. That book has been on my list for so long and this person is spitting venom into my face by saying it's not worthy of being bought! Turns out 2 of my most wanted titles are what he got me. Yaaay!

Here we have a Maximum Ride novel and also one from
Jonathan Safran Foer. It's a Merry Christmas indeed!

MORAL: Want something? Ask but do not expect that much. :)

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