Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Thing

These short paragraphs glued together in one entry were drafted last Dec 24, 2010. Wow, almost a year of being stuck in my phone!


This would be my most expensive Christmas so far. I'm not setting up the electric chair just because  of the cash out that occurred. I just computed my expenses, that's all. Recomputed it and still yielded the same numbers. My brother told me it's okay - it's my first Christmas with my own earnings. Good enough.

Seeing gifts from me and for me at our gift area (no, we didn't set up a tree this year because we're all getting fat already) makes me excited for Christmas. Presents I get from friends are left unopened till Christmas. Such a kid. Self-control is necessary to restrain one's self from violently tearing those neatly wrapped presents. Family members are writing each other's names, with my brother the surprising revelation as he's giving stuff now (Edit: now that it's 2011, he freaking bought an HD media player for everyone).

Honestly, I don't know why my family still give me something. Them helping me all the time and just being there is a present I thank God for everyday.

MORAL: It’s Christmas season. Since there's no Thanksgiving (holiday) here in the Philippines, this season would be the perfect time to thank people who are important to you or those who may have touched your life in one way or another. In giving (presents or tokens of appreciation), we are thanking them. :)

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