Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vanessa Carlton - Carousel

Of course, when I realized I posted Michelle Branch's music video, I searched my blog if I have also included Vanessa Carlton's. Holyfreakingmotherofnine!
(And music/videos are my instant posts if I haven't blogged for so long. :| )

One of my favorite artists should never be missed out. Dear friend, you'll get back around. Believe Vanessa Carlton. :)

For all you broken-hearted lovers lost
Go find another one
Cause you know time won't wait and you'll be late
White rabbits on the run

But the goodness is something you don't have to chase
Cause it's following you

And all you'll hear is the music
And beauty stands before you
And love comes back around again
It's a carousel, my friend

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