Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Amazon Warrior!

Amazon is my best friend when it comes to giving me my CDs. It is also my worst enemy because it can siphon my money even while I'm sleeping.

There are only few balikbayans returning to the Philippines for vacation or from a vacation so better be fast at clicking and ordering at Amazon to have your "free shipping" from the US to the PH! Nyohooo.

So what do we have now? Say hello to my new CDs! (Yeah yeah, I'm already happy with these.)

The Submarines' "Love Notes / Letter Bombs"
Kate Voegele's "Gravity Happens" (Her song "Impatient Girl" is very much applicable to me.")
She & Him's "A Very She & Him Christmas"

I just realized I have been in love with indie music - folk, pop, rock, whatever indie. However, there are no CDs of those artists here in the Philippines! I think I'm going to die if I still run after them. And just a while ago as I type this, I hope my orders for Michelle Branch and Vanessa Carlton's CDs push through! That would be my birthday present for myself. Still a cheapskate compared to other folks. Haha.

MORAL: Money is not happiness, it's just a tool to get there. :)

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