Tuesday, January 31, 2012

On the 31st Day of January

Yesterday, just two days before January ends, I declared ala Andres Bonifacio that most likely there would be no 12 Days of February this year. I'm currently in the no-sense-of-excitement time of my life, if there's such a thing. There were seat sales for the different airlines but my spiking-crank-like energy was nowhere to be found. I used to jump out of the bed or wipe everything off the table just to book flights - domestic or international destinations. This time, it's like I can say, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." My browser crashed and all my opened tabs (full of readings and "saved" pages to be read later) went to oblivion. In the most lethargic way possible, I enunciated, "Oh snap," looked to my right then shut down the computer like nothing happened. By the way, when that happens in the past, this is how I would feel and look like (but I have long hair now):

Enervon, I need you. I'm looking for that ball of energy.

MORAL: When you fall down the ditch, before you try to pull yourself up, before you pray someone to arrive to your rescue, you just sit there. Admire the silence, sit with your solitude, and look at the stars above.

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