Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 Year Old Song

So stumbling upon Michelle Branch's page, she mentioned (or at least whoever's maintaining that) this year is the 10th anniversary of the "All You Wanted" single and that means... We're old.

Michelle Branch made me who I am today. Charot! Well, that's with the music-lover part. It's when you think you want something and is waiting for the final push to jump, she made me jump and buy a guitar (includes learning how to play it, dedication was key!), much less her CD (my first purchase), too. From there, music became a wonderful basic necessity for me. An audio CD in the early 2000s is really expensive. Come to think of it, the price didn't change! From the range of PHP 450 it pretty much still stays the same even after a decade. A friend mentioned maybe because it's been overpriced ever since. It joins the ranks of other "inflation-proof" items here in the Philippines: Taho (still going strong at PHP 5-10) and Fishballs (forever 50cents a piece). What are other items that can be considered inflation-proof?

Wait, going baaack to Michelle Branch. She said we like helping people, trying to change them to become better (in our standards). She wrote it when she was 15/16 (I was a college freshie when I was 15/16) and believed that people can be saved. Hard truth is that sometimes, people don't want to change, they just don't want to be saved. While all the time I thought the song was purely about suicide (maybe she had a suicidal friend then).

MORAL: Sometimes, all we want is someone who really cares.

Poverty Over Privacy

Purita Problems in Twitter has been providing good vibes and instant short laughter when you read a tweet and for some reason (you're not sure if you should be ashamed that) you can relate to the tweet that supposedly financially deprived people do. Jumping the topic, this brings us to the company I'm working at's once a month payday. You get the entire month's salary in one day so you can spend it in any way you want except that if you don't hold on to your money tightly or manage your expenses well, you'll be on "poverty leave" (working from home trying to avoid spending that would be added to your credit) a week or two from payday. Suddenly, lunch outs become a pain and your poor cooking skills become a lifesaver.

We also have free Gold's Gym membership for a couple hundreds of employees who are lucky enough to be included in the slots provided by HR. The downside is that if you value privacy, meaning being light-years away from the few people you know when you workout, you better just shell out cold cash for Fitness First or some other gyms. A friend who will not be named as he is currently transforming from a shala to a poorita mentioned earlier that he's hoping he'll be included in the free gym membership and as I quote him, "tawag ng kahirapan > privacy."

Then we can have the optional monologue like...

Aanhin ko ang privacy kung gutom na gutom na ako?
May privacy ba sa ilalim ng flyover?
May privacy ba sa gilid ng daan?
May privacy ba ang butas na damit?
Eh ang butas na sikmura?

MORAL: Mas malakas ang tawag ng kahirapan sa privacy. Where's Manny Villar when you need him?! We need to talk to someone who is "tunay na mahirap." Yeah, seriously.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Everything Will Be Fine, February

Before my month-end tasks in work kill me, an almost-month-end post must be made.

This is how my February has been. The 26th, the last Sunday of the month, is when I have accomplished a lot such as the very important reformatting of my personal laptop which is still downloading drivers and installers at the moment, and finally sorted out clothes from my closet to be donated to charity which is just yaya's nephews and nieces in the province (my clothes are still in good condition and just shrunk for some reason; Don't you dare call me fat!). I have probably been on drone mode for a few weeks and missed out some materialistic things I received for birthday week.

4 awesome gifts!
Yes, those are the CDs I ordered from Amazon, then 2 malongs from Davao (thanks, DJ!!), a coffee press (thanks, Tara, for being supportive of my sleepless nights), and a..."slimity" roller (from Apple hahaha). I actually don't know the purpose of the last one but hey, it gives a good massage while waiting for the participants to join in a meeting!

Pizza Bomba @ Nomnomnom
Cousin treated me to Nomnomnom, a vegetarian friendly "healthy house" at E. Rodriguez corner Tomas Morato. First time I have probably spent a lot of time looking and pondering over the menu because I had never seen so much food that I can actually consume. She even mentioned they (bf and her) were surprised that the food actually tasted good! They loved the Tokwa't Tokwa (fried tofu and tofu skin) which was the closet to tokwa't baboy and they approved of it! Definitely going back there. :)

Tea for all...occasions. :|
Being the tea freak, I got tea leaves as gifts for my birthday, too. Seriously, they give me tea leaves now. Older and wiser! Thai tea leaves (plus a keychain from Thailand) from my brother's girlfriend (leftmost), then the Korean rice tea (upper one) as pasalubong from blockmates, and lastly, the Indian Red Label tea from my mom's friend.

One book left! Now a Jonathan Safran Foer fan. :)
Then most recent one is "Everything is Illuminated" by Jonathan Safran Foer, thanks to Troy! Not in photo is my sister's promised Swiss knife as a tool for my Asian adventure. Where is it?!

MORAL: For birthday presents, a cliche is a cliche for a reason. You can really say it's the thought that counts. If work has been really hard on you, use the weekend. We have to make time for everything. It's a good reminder of life. Sometimes sleeping in just can't do the trick. :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You Know This Will Be Deleted Soon

Infernaluz!!! Pagoda tragedy!

Haven't written anything - about my wonderful gifts, wonderful days, wonderful... Actually, more like calm before the storm, anything's wonderful outside of my current state.

Monday, February 13, 2012

13th on a Monday?

Continuing the birthday asalto/salubong on the road! Tagaytay is now becoming a tradition. I have welcomed my birthday on express ways (SLEX) and toll gates (Sta. Rosa Exit!). Through the fog and the alcohol! Good times chilling out like there's no work the next day. Harhar. I love work from home days and good friends. :)

Got back home with my wonderful family, probably the best Monday ever (yeah I'm biased like that) and yes we have a small party at home with my mom's friends. Her birthday was yesterday. I still believe that when she was pregnant with me, she ate too much in her party then the next day she's going to have a good time in the restroom but instead, "ZOMG BABY!" was her reaction. I asked her about this and if that was what happened. Mom just told me what I said is complete bull fiction and maybe I've been inhaling too much carbon monoxide lately. Okay, I was not thought of to be poop. Makes my day better. Whoopiedoo!

London (Vanesssa Carlton)

Waste away the days
Waiting on a new age
But time betrays me
And I get older one more year

Now I'm staring at the sun
As if there's a riddle I'm not in on
'Cause the wolves howl to the moon
And she never answers back
No, she never answers back

And I've never been so sure
That after all these years
I'll never learn
That heavenly creatures never come
They never come

Christmas is for everyone but this day, it's only yours. :)

The Magic of 9kph

I basically needed to go to the gym on a Saturday night because I haven't been inside one for a really long time. If you ask me when's the last time I did a legitimate run or exercise session, I can't remember. I'll just open my mouth and drool in front of you. If typing and clicking (the mouse) are acceptable as exercise, I am so fit I can carry a bull and run in circles for no reason. So for a change, I thought of challenging myself (because it's also February anyway, birthday month does't come too often). Why not run 5K instead of the usual 3K I do in the treadmill but for a slower pace? It worked! I was able to sweat out a 5K run without gasping for dear life and still have the energy to think of the real meaning of life. I think there's magic in 9kph. Hmmm. Finishing 5K in the treadmill without any training whatsoever is good, especially I'm thinking of joining a fun run some time soon. Oh, the next morning? My legs had a bad hangover. I felt like Stephen Hawking minus the computer voice! My legs still hurt and I really need to go back. 8 visits for February is an arduous task! Good luck for me.

MORAL: Get your feet wet first. If push comes to show, jump! (Even if it won't be good the next day or two.)

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Insert Image(s) Time!!

Since I'm really in a baaad moood, I'll just go on a rampage "inset image" mode.

These posts from advertisingblackswanrants are made of pure win (plus even if she looks ridiculous here, it's still Natalie Portman!). No one really cares about Valentine's Day, oh wait, there are a lot who do, and I am suddenly swamped with work. Not kidding. I'm getting the surprises of my life. Although I can't be truly sure of this one as this is just taken from tv shows or some movie scenes, I think it's like having a knock on your door then there they are: your special someone from a few years back with your lovechild appears and tells you that you have to take care of your kid (whom you just met because you prolly didn't use protection then). Just a reminder, I am talking about work.


Me at present. Huhu. Urgent lahat!!!! Kung urgent lahat, ano uunahin ko?!

If this was asked to me, I won't sleep until it's done.
But I would add a roundhouse kick aside from the punch. 

Actually, hindi ako marunong gumawa ng logo.
Guilty ako as a demanding client for this. :|

Enough said.

Buffet Like A Dad

Monday - February 6, 2012

So when my office mug was as good as dust (my teammate knocked it over and lo and behold, it separated itself into 200 unusable pieces worthy of a jigsaw puzzle knock-off), it was time to look for a replacement. The best candidate was: my Mickey Mouse mug from Disneyland. I voiced out the idea to my friend, the human-bone, but he was firm on his decision that donning a Mickey Mouse mug in the office will not help me garner respect, especially in my new role. So okaaaay, I thought it was ridiculous so I mentioned it to another friend and he just asked a simple question, "WHY?!" Seriously, what's wrong with a Mickey Mouse mug?! So when a teammate went to Boracay for a wedding, I asked her to buy a Starbucks tumbler (always out-of-stock whenever my brother or I go to Boracay because we're peak season kids) so I would finally have something to use in the office. Say hello to my new friend office buddy! Definitely better than a tabo.

Tuesday - February 7, 2012

I was shaken awake before my alarm set off. This usually means instant bad mood but NO, it's my dad's happy birthday today so for some reason, I was just calm and composed then remembered we were going to MOA (Mall of Asia) for Buffet101 (come on, you know I'm not fit for a food review so no details about the place will be divulged) for my dad's birthday lunch (me and my brother work at European shifts so it's the best time for everyone to be a family). The 3 spawns of my mother plus my innocent dad (always the recipient of our bullying :[ ) and mom all together is enough insurance for a riot. Someone went crazy at the Japanese and dessert areas, only a few more days before I swear off seafood (fish already sworn off a long time ago) but I know I ate too much tempura, oysters, and shrimps a while ago. Happy birthday, fatherrrr!

*Instagram is taking over Zumi's participation in this blog. Hmm. I need to reassess and prioritize but where's the fun in that?

Wednesday - February 8, 2012

I was pretty much down the whole day because of some stomach-intestinal turbulence (if you don't know what I mean, leave it as is), headache, and slight fever which I mistakenly took for as laziness because I didn't have the energy to work at all. I have begun to question myself, "Am I really a lazy person?" "What would now happen to my future?" because of this. WorkFromHomeWednesdays are supposed to be fun and free from the corporate schedule chain - I can go to the gym (no visits yet for February what the heck) or wherever once my shift is done, no need to wait for "traffic to pass through" or whatever. However, for this Wednesday, I was glued to the couch. Nap then check the computer because I don't want to file for sick leave. Can't take it anymore so I gulped medicines. Not my type.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

So Smooth Like A Criminal

Since I am a fan of Naya Rivera's character Santana in Glee, I'm not sure if this performance is just really good or if it's plain great. Please tell me which one. Also, what's a "creshendow"? Can someone ask Sebastian Smythe (played by Grant Gustin)?

Voices, cello, attire (killer heels), perfect. <3

And Annie, for the record, could you effing tell us that you're okay?! Or if you're still drinking too much alcohol at some dirty pub house downtown?! Sheesh, for the love of Christ!

Monday, February 06, 2012

Weekend Goodness

Last Saturday ( Feb. 4) we had a reunion in a long time. Yes, we have the immediate extended family reunion almost every month but this time, with my mom's cousins, aunts, and uncles involved, things are different. I didn't know it would be that grand and I wore my busabos look - shorts, shirt, and slippers. And from what's starting to be a trend, caught up with the latest episodes of the series I haven't watched for the week - Grey's Anatomy, Nikita, and The Vampire Diaries, while being consumed by the massage chair (tried almost all of the programs, yes, I'm that poor).
Tea party like a sir!
Sunday gave me Barney, mojos, onion rings, cheesecake, and the last full show of Chronicle. A very random question was asked to me. "What's your favorite dessert?" Cheesecake was the first thing that popped into my mind. So while waiting for our show schedule (last full show!), finally saw cheesecake! Ordered Oreo Cheesecake in  a heartbeat.

Don Henrico's Oreo Cheesecake is a disappointment.
I'm really behind my 12 Days of February. Maybe because I haven't thought much about it, I totally forgot about Thursday and Friday, unless you consider new role, new work tool (that gave up on me after 12am), and new projects as monumental moments. Well? The first surprise of my life came when all of a sudden my ActivKey (enables me to connect to the company intranet) that has been working like a keychain (totally useless) suddenly worked when I truly madly deeply needed it.

I think I'll just spread out my 12 Days of February across the month this time.

MORAL: If you failed to prepare, prepare to fail. Yuuuh.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Fear of Being Ordinary and Average

Taken from Ma'am Didith's blog.

Be kind to yourself. In the novel Admission, Jean Hanff Korelitz speaks about how our excellent, excellent students' greatest fear was discovering they were the average man:
 Inside every one of her fellow students...was a person who didn't live up to his or her own expectations, a person too fat, too slow, whose hair wouldn't hold a curl, who had no gift for languages, who lacked the gene for math. They were convinced that they were not all they'd been cracked up to be: the track star, classicist, valedictorian, perennial leading lady, campus fixer, or teacher's favorite. The driven ones she'd known in college feared they weren't driven enough, and the slackers were sure they'd find out how deficient they are if they ever did apply themselves... She knew that they were soft-centered, emotional beings wrapped in a terrified carapace, that even though they might appear rational and collected on paper, so focused that you wanted to marvel at their promise and maturity, they were lurching, turbulent muddles of conflict in their three-dimensional lives...They feared they were ordinary kids,..., not the brilliant sparks they had unexpectedly persuaded grownups they were. Ordinary and thoroughly average. Ordinary and undeserving.

Friday, February 03, 2012

The Corporate Dog Illustration

This is the start of the corporate life cycle. You (still) have that pa-demure look in your face and the innocent ambitious vibes. You're not (yet) sure how the system operates and how to get to the bathroom without looking like a confused tourist.

Then it will be like this in a couple of years. Toughened up by experience, you don battle scars and your bag is loaded with tips and tricks and a handful of workarounds to get things done your way (mwahaha!) - complete with the "wet look" plus killer's look (read: NOT killer look), and oh, don't forget the eyebags. Don't lose your humanity, even if you're being compared to a dog's photo right now.

But here's the total illustration of the family tree. The employee dog is really adorable but if you relate yourself to that dog after working for just a short time, better look for inspiration, motivation, and probably the energy (that is not brought about by caffeine) to follow-through. It's a matter of time before you start drooling on your dreams.

MORAL: Dogs are cute. They are capable of being loved. Employees are cute, too. Please love them/us.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

February 1st

On the 1st day of February I have nothing special. Scumbag taxi drivers still drive like scumbag taxi drivers, there's still that pothole at the corner on your way to the office, or that you have to endure your cravings because you're saving money to last the week.

Or maybe it's just that we overlook the everyday things and think there's nothing new or different enough to notice. My February started without me doing the yawning-stretching-to-the-sunny-view thing, I welcomed it when I noticed it was already 3am because I was finishing some things for work.

Since I need to be in the office early, I woke up with news that my uncle already got my CDs from Amazon. YAY. He'll be in the country on the 12th so yes, there's something to look forward to in the coming days (aside from my parents' birthdays). Another thing: the parking fee in the office is already PHP 60 flatrate for 12hours. </3