Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 Year Old Song

So stumbling upon Michelle Branch's page, she mentioned (or at least whoever's maintaining that) this year is the 10th anniversary of the "All You Wanted" single and that means... We're old.

Michelle Branch made me who I am today. Charot! Well, that's with the music-lover part. It's when you think you want something and is waiting for the final push to jump, she made me jump and buy a guitar (includes learning how to play it, dedication was key!), much less her CD (my first purchase), too. From there, music became a wonderful basic necessity for me. An audio CD in the early 2000s is really expensive. Come to think of it, the price didn't change! From the range of PHP 450 it pretty much still stays the same even after a decade. A friend mentioned maybe because it's been overpriced ever since. It joins the ranks of other "inflation-proof" items here in the Philippines: Taho (still going strong at PHP 5-10) and Fishballs (forever 50cents a piece). What are other items that can be considered inflation-proof?

Wait, going baaack to Michelle Branch. She said we like helping people, trying to change them to become better (in our standards). She wrote it when she was 15/16 (I was a college freshie when I was 15/16) and believed that people can be saved. Hard truth is that sometimes, people don't want to change, they just don't want to be saved. While all the time I thought the song was purely about suicide (maybe she had a suicidal friend then).

MORAL: Sometimes, all we want is someone who really cares.

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