Monday, February 13, 2012

13th on a Monday?

Continuing the birthday asalto/salubong on the road! Tagaytay is now becoming a tradition. I have welcomed my birthday on express ways (SLEX) and toll gates (Sta. Rosa Exit!). Through the fog and the alcohol! Good times chilling out like there's no work the next day. Harhar. I love work from home days and good friends. :)

Got back home with my wonderful family, probably the best Monday ever (yeah I'm biased like that) and yes we have a small party at home with my mom's friends. Her birthday was yesterday. I still believe that when she was pregnant with me, she ate too much in her party then the next day she's going to have a good time in the restroom but instead, "ZOMG BABY!" was her reaction. I asked her about this and if that was what happened. Mom just told me what I said is complete bull fiction and maybe I've been inhaling too much carbon monoxide lately. Okay, I was not thought of to be poop. Makes my day better. Whoopiedoo!

London (Vanesssa Carlton)

Waste away the days
Waiting on a new age
But time betrays me
And I get older one more year

Now I'm staring at the sun
As if there's a riddle I'm not in on
'Cause the wolves howl to the moon
And she never answers back
No, she never answers back

And I've never been so sure
That after all these years
I'll never learn
That heavenly creatures never come
They never come

Christmas is for everyone but this day, it's only yours. :)

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