Friday, February 03, 2012

The Corporate Dog Illustration

This is the start of the corporate life cycle. You (still) have that pa-demure look in your face and the innocent ambitious vibes. You're not (yet) sure how the system operates and how to get to the bathroom without looking like a confused tourist.

Then it will be like this in a couple of years. Toughened up by experience, you don battle scars and your bag is loaded with tips and tricks and a handful of workarounds to get things done your way (mwahaha!) - complete with the "wet look" plus killer's look (read: NOT killer look), and oh, don't forget the eyebags. Don't lose your humanity, even if you're being compared to a dog's photo right now.

But here's the total illustration of the family tree. The employee dog is really adorable but if you relate yourself to that dog after working for just a short time, better look for inspiration, motivation, and probably the energy (that is not brought about by caffeine) to follow-through. It's a matter of time before you start drooling on your dreams.

MORAL: Dogs are cute. They are capable of being loved. Employees are cute, too. Please love them/us.

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