Sunday, February 26, 2012

Everything Will Be Fine, February

Before my month-end tasks in work kill me, an almost-month-end post must be made.

This is how my February has been. The 26th, the last Sunday of the month, is when I have accomplished a lot such as the very important reformatting of my personal laptop which is still downloading drivers and installers at the moment, and finally sorted out clothes from my closet to be donated to charity which is just yaya's nephews and nieces in the province (my clothes are still in good condition and just shrunk for some reason; Don't you dare call me fat!). I have probably been on drone mode for a few weeks and missed out some materialistic things I received for birthday week.

4 awesome gifts!
Yes, those are the CDs I ordered from Amazon, then 2 malongs from Davao (thanks, DJ!!), a coffee press (thanks, Tara, for being supportive of my sleepless nights), and a..."slimity" roller (from Apple hahaha). I actually don't know the purpose of the last one but hey, it gives a good massage while waiting for the participants to join in a meeting!

Pizza Bomba @ Nomnomnom
Cousin treated me to Nomnomnom, a vegetarian friendly "healthy house" at E. Rodriguez corner Tomas Morato. First time I have probably spent a lot of time looking and pondering over the menu because I had never seen so much food that I can actually consume. She even mentioned they (bf and her) were surprised that the food actually tasted good! They loved the Tokwa't Tokwa (fried tofu and tofu skin) which was the closet to tokwa't baboy and they approved of it! Definitely going back there. :)

Tea for all...occasions. :|
Being the tea freak, I got tea leaves as gifts for my birthday, too. Seriously, they give me tea leaves now. Older and wiser! Thai tea leaves (plus a keychain from Thailand) from my brother's girlfriend (leftmost), then the Korean rice tea (upper one) as pasalubong from blockmates, and lastly, the Indian Red Label tea from my mom's friend.

One book left! Now a Jonathan Safran Foer fan. :)
Then most recent one is "Everything is Illuminated" by Jonathan Safran Foer, thanks to Troy! Not in photo is my sister's promised Swiss knife as a tool for my Asian adventure. Where is it?!

MORAL: For birthday presents, a cliche is a cliche for a reason. You can really say it's the thought that counts. If work has been really hard on you, use the weekend. We have to make time for everything. It's a good reminder of life. Sometimes sleeping in just can't do the trick. :)

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djmarquezlim said...

narealize ko 5 months din pala nakatenga lang yung malong sa locker ko :)) HAHAHA