Thursday, February 09, 2012

Insert Image(s) Time!!

Since I'm really in a baaad moood, I'll just go on a rampage "inset image" mode.

These posts from advertisingblackswanrants are made of pure win (plus even if she looks ridiculous here, it's still Natalie Portman!). No one really cares about Valentine's Day, oh wait, there are a lot who do, and I am suddenly swamped with work. Not kidding. I'm getting the surprises of my life. Although I can't be truly sure of this one as this is just taken from tv shows or some movie scenes, I think it's like having a knock on your door then there they are: your special someone from a few years back with your lovechild appears and tells you that you have to take care of your kid (whom you just met because you prolly didn't use protection then). Just a reminder, I am talking about work.


Me at present. Huhu. Urgent lahat!!!! Kung urgent lahat, ano uunahin ko?!

If this was asked to me, I won't sleep until it's done.
But I would add a roundhouse kick aside from the punch. 

Actually, hindi ako marunong gumawa ng logo.
Guilty ako as a demanding client for this. :|

Enough said.

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