Monday, February 13, 2012

The Magic of 9kph

I basically needed to go to the gym on a Saturday night because I haven't been inside one for a really long time. If you ask me when's the last time I did a legitimate run or exercise session, I can't remember. I'll just open my mouth and drool in front of you. If typing and clicking (the mouse) are acceptable as exercise, I am so fit I can carry a bull and run in circles for no reason. So for a change, I thought of challenging myself (because it's also February anyway, birthday month does't come too often). Why not run 5K instead of the usual 3K I do in the treadmill but for a slower pace? It worked! I was able to sweat out a 5K run without gasping for dear life and still have the energy to think of the real meaning of life. I think there's magic in 9kph. Hmmm. Finishing 5K in the treadmill without any training whatsoever is good, especially I'm thinking of joining a fun run some time soon. Oh, the next morning? My legs had a bad hangover. I felt like Stephen Hawking minus the computer voice! My legs still hurt and I really need to go back. 8 visits for February is an arduous task! Good luck for me.

MORAL: Get your feet wet first. If push comes to show, jump! (Even if it won't be good the next day or two.)

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