Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Poverty Over Privacy

Purita Problems in Twitter has been providing good vibes and instant short laughter when you read a tweet and for some reason (you're not sure if you should be ashamed that) you can relate to the tweet that supposedly financially deprived people do. Jumping the topic, this brings us to the company I'm working at's once a month payday. You get the entire month's salary in one day so you can spend it in any way you want except that if you don't hold on to your money tightly or manage your expenses well, you'll be on "poverty leave" (working from home trying to avoid spending that would be added to your credit) a week or two from payday. Suddenly, lunch outs become a pain and your poor cooking skills become a lifesaver.

We also have free Gold's Gym membership for a couple hundreds of employees who are lucky enough to be included in the slots provided by HR. The downside is that if you value privacy, meaning being light-years away from the few people you know when you workout, you better just shell out cold cash for Fitness First or some other gyms. A friend who will not be named as he is currently transforming from a shala to a poorita mentioned earlier that he's hoping he'll be included in the free gym membership and as I quote him, "tawag ng kahirapan > privacy."

Then we can have the optional monologue like...

Aanhin ko ang privacy kung gutom na gutom na ako?
May privacy ba sa ilalim ng flyover?
May privacy ba sa gilid ng daan?
May privacy ba ang butas na damit?
Eh ang butas na sikmura?

MORAL: Mas malakas ang tawag ng kahirapan sa privacy. Where's Manny Villar when you need him?! We need to talk to someone who is "tunay na mahirap." Yeah, seriously.

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