Monday, March 05, 2012

GM Diet vs the PM Diet

Disclaimer: You wanted this! Author is not responsible for any physiological nor psychological damage that may come up in your life. I repeat, you dreamed of this. You asked for the moon and now you have the whole solar system to worry about. If you need help in your intergalactic adventure, look for Oa wherein you can find the Green Lantern Corps.

The ever-popular 7-day challenge of the GM Diet claims that you can lose as much as 10lbs if you follow their program. Seven days, not bad, eh? Better than Sadako pestering you for your life.

Basically it goes like this:
Day One - Eat all the fruits you want except bananas. It's suggested to consume lots of melons and watermelons.
Day Two - Today is veggie day! Stuff yourself with raw or cooked vegetables of your choice. There is no limit on the amount or type. You can also have 2 large baked potatoes for breakfast.
Day Three - Fruits and veggies any amount. No potatoes nor bananas.
Day Four - Bananas and milk! You can eat as many as 8 bananas and drink 3 glasses of milk.
Day Five - Beef and tomatoes. Hamburger is okay with 6 whole tomatoes. Yes, that much.  Increase your water intake, too.
Day Six - Beef and vegetables. Unlimited amount of beef and vegetables. Poor cow.
Day Seven - Brown rice, fruit juices, and all the vegetables in the farm.

Beverages that one may drink are water, black coffee (no cream or substitute, no sugar or sweetness haha), black tea, fruit juices (only on day seven). Ready for it?

How about the PM Diet? It's simple. No day one to eternity.

Sit down, open your laptop, have meetings for breakfast, real work for lunch, and issues for dinner. And while you're at it, your counterparts think you're not doing enough, so you extend your hours and lo and behold, the sun's shining again. What's that you can feel? Earthquake? It's your stomach trying to digest itself! But you're so tired to eat, you'll just sleep. Repeat cycle. Beverages you can consume? The sky's the limit with coffee, tea, water, and energy drinks. Good luck! :)

Now you think Sadako's worth a shot instead, eh?

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