Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hong Kong and Macau - The 2nd Time Around

March 16-19, 2012

Some places are meant to be visited more than once. This time it's Hong Kong and Macau. I have been to Macau just 3x already, well, it was a very pleasant trip 3 years ago. Saw some of the hotels then just being developed (Galaxy and City of Dreams) and now they're full-on bright and magnificent.
My trip to Hong Kong last November was for the first timers. We went to all the tourist traps- Disneyland, Ocean Park, Avenue of the Stars, Victoria Peak/Madamme Tussaud's, Ngong Ping Village (I love Tian Tan Buddha!), and stayed at Tsim Sha Tsui since it's smack in the middle of HK. We totally left out shopping which is also one of the main attractions for Hong Kong because of time (my brother would rather see Buddha than shop). Then the usual for Macau - Venetian Hotel and Senado Square (we were supposed to go to the Macau Food Festival but again, time wasn't being friendly).
Noon walking at Fisherman's Wharf.
Senado Square and St. Paul Ruins are mandatory.
Happy Lemon at the terminal.
For the return, out of my 5 friends, we only had one "newbie" to Hong Kong and 4 for Macau. Main objective was shopping (and I say culture!) and oh, Disneyland. Since Disneyland entrance fee is quite pricey (you can already have 2 dresses in H&M for that!) and most of us have been there, only 2 of my friends are all-set to see Mickey Mouse and his magical kingdom. There was a Flower Festival at Victoria Park which is just near our place. We rode a tram there (not the MTR!) so we're definitely on track for our "New Things to Experience/See in HK" goal.
We all had our photo moments at the flower...wall. :|
Flower Festival @ Victoria Park.
Victoria Park can be found near Tin Hau MTR station.
I still included Victoria Peak in the itinerary just because it's a pretty sight of Hong Kong plus I want our newbie (actually this is Rach) to experience riding the Peak Tram. I also want to try eating there aside from desecrating the wax figures in Madamme Tussaud's wax museum (ho ho ho, lucky me, David Beckham's there!!!).
William Shakespeare ready to sneeze any minute.
We shopped a lot on the 3rd day, it was time to visit TST (Granville, Cameron, Silvercord) and City Gate Outlets at Tung Chung (while the Disney Princesses go to Disneyland). We were like panic-buying everything, "Maganda ito! Ito rin! *converts HKD to PHP* Mura! Pwede na!" and ended up with sore arms and legs. Was also able to finally eat Xiao Long Bao at Din Tai Fung (the place looks so classy we thought the food would cost gold and diamonds) and also first time at Bubba Gump (haha I know we have this in the Philippines).
Granville Road is a curse. Hahaha.
Rach and Kim's Gong Cha treat to us for lugging around  their shopping bags
while they were away at Disneyland having the best time of their lives.
From "authentic" Cantonese food (complete with the banging and clanging of utensils) of congee and noodles, never-ending milk tea/nai cha and Xiao Long Baos, Charlie Brown Cafe and the rest of the Hong Kong MTR lines, shopping and touring the Venetian in 15minutes, to getting lost (hahahaha) and bullying each other, to laughing our hearts out loud and walking the entire time, Hong Kong Macau 2012 was a wonderful experience. First time to go out of the country with friends and teammates didn't disappoint. :)
Authentic noodles and veggies. Haha.
Snoopy sooo cuuuute!ΓΌ
Charlie Brown toast and Woodstock coffee!
Plus: I recommend Yes Inn at Fortress Hill, HK Island. The place is  being managed by Filipinos so if you don't like the distinct smell of other people (yes, every race has a distinct smell mostly because of the food they eat) and just want a "clean" smell, Yes Inn is good. The place is bigger than TST hostels so you have more floor area for rooms and elevators. :)

*Thanks Neth for the photos!


DJ said...

cute yung snoopy a! haha saan iyan? puntahan ko rin iyan when i go to HK sa october

rO.ot said...

Super cute nga! Haha omg huwag mo sabihing mag-isa ka na namang lalayas?! Dulo ng Cameron Road (TST Station pinakamalapit na MTR). :)

djmarquezlim said...

oo, magisa lang ako! :)) HAHAHA two days one night ulit :p mura e, 1600 lang round trip na