Friday, March 02, 2012

A Not So Horrible Horrible Day

Oh snap. I forgot to thank the world for a wonderful day. Well, a semi-wonderful day.

From the time my brother ordered a computer for mommy (in exchange to her laptop), the pick-up date has been pushed twice. The original date was such a hassle time for me (Wednesday is my number-coding day) and then when it was moved the next Wednesday, I was packed with meetings and picking it up gives me the same stress like detonating a bomb with the timer ticking 5 seconds left. Then the 2nd time the date was moved, I realized my friend (yes now I'm acknowledging Tara as a friend) also ordered an item (hers was a high-end laptop) meaning I have someone to accompany me to Makati (that horrible horrible place *if you watch 2 Broke Girls 'horrible horrible' is a funny term*)! Yay no need to be frazzled with the parking and timing.

1.) It was such a hot day. Seriously, summer is really here.

2.) Traffic was a bummer and parking in Makati is a very good challenge of patience and self-control. When we got to the carpark area near the Enterprise Center, they told us that the carpark is already full and if we're willing, we have to wait inside. We agreed and after 8 minutes of driving around, we decided we'll get the hell out of that hopeless place and try our luck at the Enterprise Center. On the way out, the parking attendant was charging us Php45 even if we were not able to park. "Kasi lumagpas na po kayo sa 2mins na grace period." "WHAT?! Pwede bang discount?" We pulled off a Christopher Lao, "We were not informed  na may 2mins grace period! Sabi lang sa amin full na and waiting." We were not able to park, just drove for 8mins, and then we're going to be charged? My friend was not in a foul mood so no violence ensued but she was willing to pay it at a discounted price. So instead, they asked her to writer her name and contact number just in case they're going to be questioned why we didn't pay (maybe because there were a couple of cars behind us). So we were able to park at Enterprise Center like a boss with no hassle. Suddenly, life became wonderful again. :)

3.) Going to Robinsons Summit Center to get the computer was easy. I remember Enterprise Center and successfully navigated the area to RSC (which is just across haha). Lo and behold, I'm going to carry this big box all the way back to the carpark. Friend just had a laptop box to tote around while I'm a kargador wannabe. The box was heavy but that was not my issue. (Hello all those time in the gym for nothing?!) The plastic straw which was supposed to be the "handle" hurts like crap! So I lugged my huge box across Ayala Ave's underpass and then to the building and dumped it (brother, if for some reason you read this, I dumped it really gently) inside the car.

4.) We walked all the way from Enterprise Center to Greenbelt to get the replacement iPod. However, dear friend forgot the receipt so we can't claim it. YAY WALK BACK ALL THE WAY AGAIN!!! </sarcasm>

5.) Milk tea was the solution to everything. Not to mention seeing someone from the other team meeting a friend, plus our new hire parking beside my friend's car. I was excited when I saw someone parking near the car, "Bilis check natin kung magagasgasan ka nung nagpapark." Then oh, it's my teammate. Nevermind. Haha.

And yes, I'm ditching the MORAL part in my entries. The experience is the moral after all!

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